Building a thriving Armenia through sustainable tourism: the journey of ONEArmenia

Founded in 2012, ONEArmenia (1A) has been on a mission to build a thriving Armenia by funding sustainable projects with radical transparency at the heart of their efforts. Among the first organisations to join Impact Hub Yerevan in 2016, 1A and its community of over 100,000 supporters have successfully implemented more than 35 socio-economic projects in rural Armenia.

VerdeNovo: Sowing seeds of change in the Cerrado

Bárbara’s business, VerdeNovo, enhances the conservation efforts of the Cerrado by focusing on the collection and commercialisation of native seeds for the restoration of degraded areas. Based in Brasília, VerdeNovo offers over 150 species, including Ipê-verde and Jacarandá, and provides consultancy services. Through her startup, Bárbara aims to combat the impoverishment of those living in the Cerrado, ensuring both social and environmental sustainability.

Cultivating change: SoilBiom’s revolutionary approach to sustainable agriculture

SoilBiom, co-founded by Deniz, Osman, Atakan, and Umut, develops tailor-made microbial fertilisers that boost plant growth while maintaining soil quality. Their journey, intertwined with Impact Hub Ankara through the Empowering Women in Agriculture (EWA) Programme, has seen them grow from a co-working membership to establishing a laboratory.

Circularity in action: awakening Ghana’s circular economy

Sabon Sake and the OR Foundation, two dynamic enterprises based in Ghana, are united by a common vision to revolutionise the Ghanaian economy into a pioneering leader in the circular economy. To amplify the impact of such innovative initiatives, Impact Hub Accra plays a pivotal role by harnessing the power of innovation generated by startups within its vibrant community.

Circularity Tales: from organic waste to alternative proteins

AgriLife, a Tanzania-based venture established in 2021, is on a mission to revolutionise sustainability by transforming organic waste into a valuable resource. By using black soldier fly larvae to produce eco-friendly protein for poultry and organic fertiliser for crops, AgriLife is tackling environmental issues associated with traditional livestock feed. With support from Impact Hub Dar es Salaam, AgriLife successfully incorporated circular principles into their business.

Circularity Tales: environmental entrepreneurship in Dakar

In Senegal, the surge in environmental entrepreneurship among the youth is evident through projects addressing sanitation, pollution, and plastic waste. Impact Hub Dakar’s circularity programme, “Wërngël-Bi,” has been pivotal in nurturing these initiatives. Josephine Tine, co-founder of ART-Pesoung, Hadji Malick Sagne, of Cactus Innovation, and Adja Aissatou Diallo, founder of Galle epitomise the transformative potential of sustainable solutions in Senegal’s shift towards a circular economy.

Better Incubation: bridging the gender gap in agriculture

Women face significant underrepresentation in top positions in European agricultural and livestock farms. The Better Incubation programme, led by Impact Hub and European-based partners aims to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial environment to bridge the gender gap.

SoTecIn: connecting people

The core idea behind SoTecIn Factory is to address the unsustainability of current industrial models, both socially and ecologically, by integrating green and circular technologies into a new model centered around community collaboration.

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