Guide to understanding gender and pronouns

In our evolving world, language shapes understanding and social change. To embrace inclusivity, we explore gender, pronouns, and identities. Understanding diverse perspectives lets us create a compassionate, respectful, and inclusive society.

3 Impact ventures working for the future of the oceans

Navigating change, social enterprises shine as beacons of hope, igniting global impact. With innovation, collaboration, and courage, they lead towards a revitalised ocean environment. Discover their inspiring stories of transformation.

Future Founders Day: bring Impact Hub to your city

Turn your social business idea into reality with Impact Hub. Gain insights from our Future Founders Day event, exploring our model, success stories, and community practices. Join our global network as a partner and co-owner, accessing a resilient business model, recognised brand, collaborative opportunities, guidance, and a global community of change-makers. Connect with us now!

Pioneering net zero | Impact Hubs taking action worldwide

Impact Hub Leipzig team sitting on a patio together

Picture this: a group of entrepreneurs sitting around a table, brainstorming ideas to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Inevitably, the conversation turns to climate change, and the group realises that they have the power to make a real impact – here, now, and at scale. This realisation has been the driving force behind Impact Hub Network’s work for over 15 years, and today, we’re more committed than ever to taking serious climate action.

5 ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organisation

Embark on a journey of workplace transformation, where acknowledging biases and fostering collective commitment form the foundation of an empowered community. Explore top strategies whose impact extends beyond offices, shaping a world that values and embraces every individual’s story.

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