3 Impact ventures working for the future of the oceans

As part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science, World Oceans Day spotlights vital marine ecosystems. Covering 70% of our planet, oceans produce 50% of its oxygen and host diverse life. Urgent action is crucial as oceans face plastic pollution and biodiversity loss. Discover three inspiring impact ventures committed to revitalising our oceans and tackling plastic waste.

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As we embark on a journey through shifting tides of change, social enterprises emerge as guiding lights, beacons of hope, and agents of profound transformation. They serve as compelling reminders that innovation and collaboration possess the astonishing ability to traverse vast oceans, igniting waves of change that extend far beyond local shores. By fearlessly redefining industries, breathing new life into discarded materials, and forging pathways to sustainable solutions, these enterprises stand at the forefront of a formidable charge towards a renewed and vibrant ocean environment.

Gravity Wave: A tide of change for ocean cleanup

Gravity Wave, operating from Spain and Greece, is dedicated to transforming our seas. Partnering with Enaleia, they retrieve and repurpose abandoned fishing nets – a major source of ocean plastic. Through collaborative efforts, they have already removed over 25,000 kilograms of plastic waste from the Mediterranean, breathing new life into discarded materials and promoting a cleaner future. Gravity Wave is a member of Impact Hub Madrid.

D3Aak: Navigating sustainable waters

Amsterdam’s D3Aak is redefining sustainability in the realm of water sports. By crafting 3D-printed, 100% recyclable boats from ocean-recovered plastic, they’re steering the industry towards eco-friendliness. Their circular approach ensures that the boats can be fully repurposed, embodying the principles of a sustainable future. Their participation in initiatives like the Business Model Challenge | Plastics showcases their commitment to innovation and change. D3Aak participated in the Business Model Challenge | Plastics program run by Impact Hub Amsterdam.

Green Ecoworks: Transforming plastic into progress

Over 2.58 million metric tonnes of raw plastic is imported into Ghana each year and 73% of this ends up as waste. With only up to 5% of plastic waste being recycled, the rest accumulates in the environment or ends up in landfills and nearly 30% ends up in the Atlantic ocean. As a result, Ghana is one of the top 10 most polluted countries in the world. 

Founded in 2019, Green Ecoworks was born as a solution to tackle waste management and plastic pollution in the country. Their mission is to transform waste into profitable and valuable everyday products, reducing environmental pollution and creating better economic outcomes across the commercial wood value chain.

The Ghanian-based venture recycles collected plastic waste into beams, blocks, slabs, and sheets for temporary structures like kiosks, furniture, and segregation bins. In terms of process, the company buys collected plastic waste from aggregators, shreds it, processes it into sheets, and sells them to artisans, furniture makers, and real estate companies for construction and home use.

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