Unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of people with disabilities

In collaboration with ESADE Business School, the Aula de Emprendimiento programme by Fundación Prevent tackles the challenges encountered by individuals with disabilities in entrepreneurship. This comprehensive approach has been recognised by Impact Hub as a best practice for replication in fostering the inclusion of people with disabilities in the sector. 

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Entrepreneurship is often celebrated as a pathway to independence and empowerment, offering an alternative to traditional employment. However, for individuals with disabilities, the entrepreneurial journey is marked by significant challenges. According to a 2021 report by the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica in Spain, over 90% of people with disabilities face barriers to finding suitable employment, ranging from health-related issues to societal biases, lack of opportunities, qualifications, and experience.


Recognising the need to address these challenges, Fundación Prevent launched the Aula de Emprendimiento: Aprende y Emprende programme in 2014. This unique initiative, developed in collaboration with ESADE Business School, seeks to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of people with disabilities. The programme serves as an exemplary model for promoting inclusivity and has been recognised by Impact Hub as a best practice for replication in fostering the inclusion of people with disabilities in the entrepreneurial sector.

The partnership between Fundación Prevent and ESADE Business School is built on the complementary expertise of both organisations. While ESADE brings academic rigor and quality, Fundación Prevent provides invaluable advice to tailor the curriculum to the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. The 7-month training programme adopts a holistic approach, focusing on professional, personal, and interpersonal growth. Participants benefit from academic tutoring, mentoring, networking opportunities, and hands-on learning experiences from prestigious companies.


Aula de Emprendimiento’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its “Learn by doing” philosophy. The programme is not only free but fully funded for all students, with an estimated cost of €6000 per student. To ensure accessibility, the content and sessions are customised and individualised, offering support through sign language, interpretation services, class transcriptions, and accessible facilities for those with reduced mobility. This commitment ensures that participants from diverse backgrounds can fully engage in the learning process.

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To gauge the programme’s effectiveness in improving the socio-economic standings of participants, Fundación Prevent has embarked on a journey to measure Aula de Emprendimiento’s social impact. Through interviews with programme alumni, stories of personal and professional growth have emerged, illustrating how the programme has added significant value to their lives.


After 15 successful editions and 202 supported entrepreneurs, Aula de Emprendimiento is set to make a great difference for people with disabilities who are interested in joining the entrepreneurial market and looking to improve their employability prospects.


As part of the framework of Better Incubation, Impact Hub joined forces with EBN and EVPA to catalyse systemic changes aimed at establishing a sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurial and incubation environment throughout Europe.

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