Thomas McCloskey

Thomas plays a key role in the development of the Network. He manages the Impact Hub Network Accountability and Excellence Frameworks to support Impact Hubs and the Network to continuously improve and grow sustainably. As well as this, he manages Impact Hub trademarks, creates organisation-wide process improvements and leads the way in our continued commitment to excellence in everything we do. Thomas’ academic background lies in Law and Project Management, holding a degree in Law from Queen’s University of Belfast and various Project Management qualifications (such as PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma). Coming from Northern Ireland that suffered a violent 30 year armed conflict, Thomas is deeply passionate about working with people that have suffered from societal upheaval. Currently based in El Cauca, Colombia, he also works with indigenous communities, victims groups and former combatants collaboratively building impactful solutions in one of the worst affected regions during the Colombian armed conflict.

Weronika Korkuc

Weronika, originally from Poland, now resides in Lisbon. She spent seven years in Amsterdam pursuing a BSc in Economics and Finance followed by an MSc in Global Business and Sustainability. Throughout her studies, she honed her focus on sustainability, acquiring valuable experience in consulting for SMEs, government entities, and corporations, as well as fundraising for charities within the corporate environment. Weronika is deeply passionate about fostering innovative connections in the realm of sustainability, fueled by a belief in collective action today for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Madalina Neagu

Madalina is a seasoned Data Analyst and Community Builder with over a decade of experience. She joined Impact Hub in 2012, driven by her passion for impactful projects and her dedication to driving positive change through data-driven insights. In addition to her role at Impact Hub, Madalina is a co-founder of the NGO, Between Neighbours, where she advocates for community empowerment and collaboration. Outside of her professional endeavours, Madalina finds joy in exploring new destinations, immersing herself in books, and expressing her creativity through drawing.

Roni Karsai

Roni is a linguist and cook from Budapest, Hungary. She trained as a translator and interpreter, before transitioning into freelance work and project management across various sectors. Her strengths lie in her keen sense of listening and observation, which she uses to empower those around her.

Her world revolves around people, business, food and good content. Let it be community building, textual solutions or cooking, she’s driven to bring stories to life. She believes food is a great vessel for healing, well-being and community building.

In 2018, Roni took on the role of Community Catalyst at Impact Hub Budapest. After a hiatus that included a stint as a chef, she rejoined the global team in April 2024 as a Network Development Specialist, eager to apply her 9+ years of experience to facilitate meaningful connections and drive growth.

Stephanie Dan-Okafor

Since joining Impact Hub in 2020, Stephanie has worn several hats, including Community Lead and Interim CEO for Impact Hub Lagos, and Regional Host, Africa and the Middle East for the Network. Fueled by a passion for positive change, Stephanie leverages her expertise in community building and strategic communication to amplify the stories and impact of the Network’s vibrant global community.

Prior to joining Impact Hub, Stephanie led Engagement, Diversity & Culture efforts at a prominent player in the West African creative industry. Her commitment to human-centric strategies and impactful communication makes her a perfect fit for leading the Network’s
internal communications, brand advocacy, brand alignment, and compliance monitoring efforts.

Living in Lagos, Nigeria, Stephanie’s personal interests lie in social justice and equality. Her ultimate goal is to volunteer with the Innocence Project to assist in exonerating wrongfully incarcerated people, a testament to her unwavering commitment to these values.

Anna Arato

Headshot of Anna Arato

Anna plays a pivotal role in overseeing translocal programmes and spearheading the development of processes and systems to facilitate seamless operations globally at Impact Hub. Having joined the organisation in 2017, she returned after a break, equipped with valuable experience in local ecosystems. Anna boasts expertise in various areas, including project management, the art of hosting, online and in-person facilitation, and digital community building. Anna is based in Budapest, Hungary.

Fay Henry

Headshot of Fay Henry

Fay, a part-time Executive Assistant at Impact Hub since November 2022, adeptly manages logistical, events, and administrative tasks for the global team. Motivated by compassion and a strong moral compass, Fay dedicates herself to volunteer work, particularly supporting the elderly and children with additional needs. Her commitment reflects a genuine desire to positively impact the lives of others. With a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature with a specialisation in American Studies, Fay continues to balance her diverse roles from her base in the UK.

Tatiana Glad

Headshot of Tatiana Glad

Tatiana Glad is an entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist with a focus on impact entrepreneurship, social innovation, and sustainable business. Tatiana is the Executive Director of the global Impact Hub Network and co-founder of social enterprises Impact Hub Amsterdam and Waterlution. She has an MSc in Responsible Business Practice, is on the University of Amsterdam Honours Programme Sustainability Board and previously served as an appointed expert to the City of Amsterdam’s Social Entrepreneurship action program and as Supervisory Group chair of AIESEC International. As a steward of the Art of Hosting, participatory community building is at the core of her work, coupled with experience working in a global financial institution, public sector innovation and small enterprise. Tatiana is Canadian and based in Amsterdam.

Petr Skvaril

Headshot of Petr Skvaril

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Petr has lived in the US, and the Netherlands and currently commutes between Vienna and Prague. Before joining Impact Hub to manage global partnerships and fundraising, Petr worked in business development and innovation at Vodafone, leading several initiatives in mobile media, online services, ICT, and mHealth. Previously, Petr worked at AIESEC, a global youth-run leadership and talent development organisation, where he managed the national branch in the Czech Republic and later joined AIESEC’s global office to lead sales and external relations. He and his wife enjoy travel, various outdoor sports, and even ballroom dancing from time to time. Petr is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Maria Trindade da Silva

Headshot of Maria Trindade da Silva

Maria, originally from Brazil, has spent the past 12 years dividing her time between Brazil and England, particularly in London. In 2012, she became the Managing Director of Impact Hub King’s Cross-London within the Impact Hub Network. Prior to her involvement with the Impact Hub Network, Maria worked to support the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem aimed at assisting individuals at the base of the pyramid in Brazil. Her work encompassed microfinance and business education.

Maria’s academic background lies in business management, holding a degree in Business Administration and an MSc in International Management from King’s College, London. During her MSc programme, Maria conducted field research in Bangladesh, investigating the challenges that social enterprises encounter in reconciling profitability and social impact. Maria’s commitment stems from her belief in the potential to construct a more equitable and just society that caters to all. She is currently based in London, UK.

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