Since joining Impact Hub in 2020, Stephanie has worn several hats, including Community Lead and Interim CEO for Impact Hub Lagos, and Regional Host, Africa and the Middle East for the Network. Fueled by a passion for positive change, Stephanie leverages her expertise in community building and strategic communication to amplify the stories and impact of the Network’s vibrant global community.


Prior to joining Impact Hub, Stephanie led Engagement, Diversity & Culture efforts at a prominent player in the West African creative industry. Her commitment to human-centric strategies and impactful communication makes her a perfect fit for leading the Network’s

internal communications, brand advocacy, brand alignment, and compliance monitoring efforts.


Living in Lagos, Nigeria, Stephanie’s personal interests lie in social justice and equality. Her ultimate goal is to volunteer with the Innocence Project to assist in exonerating wrongfully incarcerated people, a testament to her unwavering commitment to these values.


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