Footprints Africa: paving the way for sustainable businesses in Africa

Footprints Africa is on a mission to advance sustainable, scalable, and inclusive approaches to developing local African economies. The venture supports SMEs to adopt future-friendly practices, address the challenges of growth, and create jobs, using supply chains as a tool for development.

Circularity Tales: environmental entrepreneurship in Dakar

In Senegal, the surge in environmental entrepreneurship among the youth is evident through projects addressing sanitation, pollution, and plastic waste. Impact Hub Dakar’s circularity programme, “Wërngël-Bi,” has been pivotal in nurturing these initiatives. Josephine Tine, co-founder of ART-Pesoung, Hadji Malick Sagne, of Cactus Innovation, and Adja Aissatou Diallo, founder of Galle epitomise the transformative potential of sustainable solutions in Senegal’s shift towards a circular economy.

Impact Hub Vienna: journey towards a greener Austria

Boldly leading the charge in the landscape of climate action is Climate Lab. Founded by Impact Hub Vienna in 2022, it has swiftly become a beacon of innovation and collaboration, steering Austria towards a greener, more sustainable future.

3 Impact ventures working for the future of the oceans

Navigating change, social enterprises shine as beacons of hope, igniting global impact. With innovation, collaboration, and courage, they lead towards a revitalised ocean environment. Discover their inspiring stories of transformation.

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