Sanitation for a healthier tomorrow

FLUSH, a sanitation-solutions and women-owned business is a proud member of Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area, a collaboration that amplifies their collective impact on transforming the role of sanitation in healthy, thriving societies.

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Sanitation is a fundamental part of a healthy, thriving society. Its absence not only jeopardises individual well-being but also disrupts the progress of entire communities. Across the globe, the repercussions are felt as healthcare facilities become overburdened, and the potential of the younger generation is stifled as they grapple with preventable illnesses. 


Despite the availability of technology, the journey toward achieving universal access to safe sanitation is fraught with challenges. That’s where FLUSH comes in, a sanitation-solutions and women-owned business committed to ensuring the availability and optimal functioning of this community keystone.


FLUSH (a member of Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area) is not just about embracing innovative technologies; it’s about formulating solutions that improve internal management systems, support implementing partners, and unlocking financial resources. The focus isn’t solely on the hardware of sanitation; FLUSH recognises the importance of enhancing awareness and interest through edutainment – a blend of education and entertainment.

At the core of FLUSH’s mission are two pillars of impact. The first pillar aims to destigmatise sanitation, thrusting public discourse into the mainstream. By making conversations about sanitation more commonplace, FLUSH envisions a world where communities demand and receive improved sanitation services. The second pillar is devoted to enhancing the performance of sanitation service providers in their respective markets and communities. This, in turn, facilitates better access to funding and financial viability, laying the groundwork for sustainable improvements.


FLUSH is committed to building greater public awareness and advocacy for sanitation and hygiene. By actively engaging with communities, FLUSH strives to break down societal taboos surrounding sanitation. The goal is to create an environment where sanitation is not just a basic necessity but a right that every individual is entitled to.


Recognising that systemic change requires collaborative efforts, FLUSH actively supports organisations and institutions dedicated to advancing the cause of sanitation. By providing resources, expertise, and financial support, FLUSH empowers these entities to make a more significant impact in the realm of sanitation.

FLUSH envisions a future where sanitation is no longer an afterthought but a central tenet of global development. By harnessing the power of public awareness, advocacy, and improved service provider performance, FLUSH aims to elevate global access to sanitation from the current 70% to an impressive 90% within the next 15 years.


In the quest for a healthier, thriving world, FLUSH emerges to actively reshape the narrative around sanitation. FLUSH is not merely addressing the symptoms but is championing a holistic approach to transform the very fabric of society. With their unwavering commitment, FLUSH is paving the way for a future where access to safe sanitation is not a privilege but a fundamental right for all.

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