Next steps in social entrepreneurship: policy development in Jordan

A dynamic partnership in Jordan led by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) and backed by the United Nations Development Programme Jordan (UNDP Jordan) and Impact Hub is in full swing. The goal of this effort, known as the “Heart of Amman II” programme, is to advance the development of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan and promote policy dialogue to address common challenges faced by social enterprises in the country.

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Jordan, 1  June, 2021 – The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) and its mandated Advisory Committee and Sub-Committees, supported by the United Nations Development Programme Jordan (UNDP Jordan) and Impact Hub gathered to advance policy development work in support of social entrepreneurs in Jordan.


The UNDP program, “Heart of Amman II”, aims at advancing the development of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and the promotion of policy dialogue to implement solutions to commonly faced challenges amongst social enterprises. Through a series of policy dialogue workshops, led by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE), in collaboration with UNDP and Impact Hub, key policy makers, funders, academia, business development experts, impact measurement related stakeholders, social enterprises and civil society collaborate to develop social entrepreneurship policy and enable a social economy environment in Jordan.



During the 1-2 June workshop, an in-depth review of the Jordan social enterprise ecosystem was conducted; opportunities and gaps were discussed alongside topics such as return on investment, institutional frameworks, access to finance, impact measurement & management and international impact certification practices. The workshop insights will be embedded and concluded with a report summarizing draft policy recommendations to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE), its Advisory Committee, related Sub-Committees and involved stakeholders. Following this, co-created policy initiatives, as well as a roadmap for policy development, will be proposed and presented. 


His Excellency Ahmad Hanandeh opened the workshops on 1 June by stating that, “There is a need, and a national gain, to enhance social entrepreneurship support structures – to allow social enterprises to start up, but also to scale up and grow in order to maximise their contributions to solving pressing social issues, enhancing livelihoods and reaching out to the marginalised and vulnerable.” 

UNDP Resident Representative Sara Ferrer Olivella stated, “We are pleased to support national efforts and aspirations to develop a policy and regulatory framework in which social entrepreneurs can thrive, boost the economy and positively impact society and nature.”


Gabriela Gandel, Executive Director of Impact Hub commented, “As we get closer to concrete policy recommendations for the Jordanian context, with significant stakeholder support, we are pleased to also see increased committed interest of both local and international financial and non-financial organisations to engage with the growing social enterprise Jordanian ecosystem. This will ensure that the return on investment from this initiative becoming reality will have significant local impact and bring international credibility and opportunity.” 


Policymakers can stay connected with the initiative by reaching out to UNDP Jordan. Social enterprises and social enterprise support organisations locally and internationally can get involved by reaching out to Impact Hub Amman.  

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