Impact Hub Ljubljana: emerging tech-driven entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Four outstanding winners of the Social Impact Award (SIA) Slovenia are cultivating social entrepreneurship and driving positive change through innovative tech solutions aimed at tackling diverse environmental and social challenges. Co-organised by Impact Hub Ljubljana, these initiatives are paving the way for a brighter future in Slovenia.

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The Social Impact Award (SIA) Slovenia, co-organised by the Slovenian Youth Agency and Impact Hub Ljubljana, is instrumental in the growth of social entrepreneurship and making a positive impact. While winners receive €1,500 to kick-start their projects, the true value lies in becoming a part of the Impact Hub Ljubljana community.


Being part of Impact Hub Ljubljana means joining a dynamic group of innovators committed to making a lasting impact. It is more than just a place to work; it is a chance to be part of a supportive network that helps turn ideas into actions. SIA Slovenia winners benefit from a year-long series of specialised workshops, networking events, and access to a global platform for collaboration, making Impact Hub Ljubljana an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking to create social change.

In its third edition last year, the programme celebrated four new winning teams, each bringing forward innovative solutions aimed at addressing various environmental and social issues. 


SWAP: Making swapping simple 

SWAP introduces a new online platform that makes swapping items fun and easy. Drawing inspiration from the swipe-and-match feature of popular dating apps, it provides an engaging and convenient avenue for people to find and swap items. 


Leading the charge in encouraging sustainable living and less waste, SWAP motivates everyone to join in on the circular economy with an easy-to-use swapping system.


EcoBuddy: Transforming waste management

EcoBuddy is a pioneering mobile application that uses computer vision and smartphone tech to change the game in waste management. It lets users quickly recognise different kinds of waste and sort them correctly using their phone’s camera. 


Designed for people who are interested in saving the environment but need help with

sorting their waste right, EcoBuddy gives users the knowledge and tools to manage their waste more wisely and sustainably.

PriHrani: Tackling food waste

PriHrani introduces a creative way to fight the pressing issue of food waste by making it easier to share surplus food from shops, eateries, and local growers with people who can use it all from an app. This effort greatly helps cut down on food waste, encourages buying local, and supports eating in a way that is good for the planet. 


Thanks to its easy-to-use design, PriHrani offers a straightforward method for anyone dedicated to reducing food waste and supporting local businesses.


InShift: Boosting well-being and efficiency for shift workers 

InShift aims to boost both the happiness and efficiency of shift workers and their companies. It zeroes in on creating and managing work schedules that match up with people’s natural body clocks and the need for rest. 


By tackling the issues that come with today’s shift work, InShift provides strategies that look after the physical and mental health of employees, leading to a healthier work environment overall.

The initiatives emerging from SIA Slovenia, with the backing of Impact Hub Ljubljana, represent more than mere innovation; they represent significant strides towards a brighter future. From encouraging more thoughtful consumption habits to pioneering improved waste management techniques, these projects are guiding us towards a more sustainable and compassionate tomorrow. 


Impact Hub Ljubljana is excited to play a role in this positive movement, offering a supportive space where social and impact-focused entrepreneurs can thrive. We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season and all the innovative ideas it will bring!


This article is presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Ljubljana.

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