Idelette Aucamp
Global Content and Campaigns Lead

Idelette is a South African strategist who believes in the power of creativity and that diversity
drives innovation. Over the last 8+ years, she's worked with purpose-driven brands, social
innovators, big-thinkers, and community leaders to build human-centered experiences that
promote positive change. She takes on a strategic-creative approach when solving
problems and helps organizations integrate the 4 P's – People, Planet, Purpose, Profits -
into the core of their business strategies. An experienced creative lead who thrives in fast-
paced environments, Idelette has developed international projects and has led multi-cultural
teams in 9+countries. Today, you can find her wandering the streets of Barcelona with her
Border Collie and sidekick, Kibo - forever on the lookout for creative inspiration and
collaborations that will lead to a better tomorrow