Born in Romania, Petruta spent her childhood in Bucharest. In 2006, she attended the University of Bucharest, majoring in Accounting and Management Information Systems. From 2004 until 2013, she worked as an accountant at the Foundation Center for Economic Development (CDE), engaging in a wide range of activities, including bookkeeping and microfinance operations.


In 2009, the foundation transitioned into a non-bank financial institution. During this transformation, Petruta’s role evolved from an Economist (2009-2013) to a Senior Controlling and Reporting Officer in 2014. In this capacity, her primary responsibilities encompassed controlling functions such as preparing periodic reports, conducting compliance audits, monitoring internal controls, engaging in budgeting, and analysing financial data to varying degrees. Additionally, she was responsible for reporting tasks, including the preparation of internal and external reports, budgets, and forecasts.


In 2016, Petruta joined the Finance and Operations team as the Controlling and Reporting Lead at Impact Hub Network.


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