Georgina Flores

Georgina Flores, an Industrial Designer from Mexico, is a co-founder of Change is Wild, a social impact venture committed to promoting sustainable development in indigenous communities across southern Mexico. With more than six years of hands-on experience collaborating with indigenous women in rural areas, Georgina demonstrates a profound understanding of their social and environmental challenges, coupled with a deep-seated empathy for driving change. Holding a master’s degree in Environmental Management, she has previously served as a university professor in the Faculty of Design at Universidad Anahuac.

Marco Nannini

Headshot of Marco Nannini

Marco is a seasoned business angel, entrepreneur, and impactful investor with a remarkable track record. As CEO and main shareholder of Impact Hub SB – Italy’s premier incubator for impact-focused ventures, Marco is a driving force in fostering innovative businesses for positive change.

With a global perspective, he has invested in 30+ startups internationally, showcasing his commitment to driving innovation. His role in Toniic and past engagements with Italian Angels for Growth highlight their influence on the international entrepreneurial landscape.

Leaving a mark in the sports arena, he is also the Founder of Almostthere and the former CEO of GreenComm Racing, a contender in the 34th America’s Cup. Drawing from a rich background as a strategy and management consultant, he possesses a deep understanding of industries spanning telecom, media, energy, and consumer goods. His advisory role on the Territorial Advisory Board of Unicredit further underscores his strategic expertise.

With an Economics degree from Bocconi University and executive education from INSEAD, Marco combines academic excellence with real-world insights. As a member of numerous national and international startup selection committees, he continues to shape the entrepreneurial landscape.

Patricia Klauer

Headshot of Patricia Klauer

Patricia is a versatile professional who has navigated through diverse roles. From being a chiropractor to a systems programmer at MIT, she has pursued intricate challenges in information systems. She co-authored “Building Data Warehouses for Decision Support,” ran a consultancy driving tech-driven transformations, and co-founded a cutting-edge social impact incubator.

Now a driving force at Future Capital, Patricia merges consciousness and capital to reshape global finance. A meditation advocate, she teaches conscious attention and champions a culture fostering inclusivity and collaboration. Her involvement with the United Nations has led to the publishing of “10 Principles for a Conscious Attention Economy.”

Although a native Californian, Patricia resides in Mexico, aiding FoodBank Lakeside. She continues to consult on tech and culture, infusing initiatives with a unique life-enriched perspective. 

Lena Mahgoub

Headshot of Lena Mahgoub

Lena was the Minister of Labour and Social Development in the Sudan government post-revolution in 2019 until February 2021. She is a co-founder of Impact Hub Khartoum since 2015 and was recently appointed as a board member of the Impact Hub Association Board.

In addition, Lena also established the CSR Department in DAL Group in 2009 and was the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Manager for Sayga/DAL Food until Aug 2014. Lena supported in winning international awards for Sayga/DAL Food; namely the CSR Arabia Awards (Dubai) in 2010 and UN/PSI Awards for social investment (Colombia) in 2013 and CSR Arabia again in 2013. She was the Sudan advisor for the UN Global Compact Office in New York and launched the Sudan network in 2008. Lena holds an MA (ECON) in Development Studies from the University of Manchester and a BSC (Business Administration) from Ahfad University for Women (AUW).

With over 20 years of work experience and having worked as a lecturer for Ahfad University for Women, senior programme officer for CARE International, followed by a short consultancy for the EU and then as the External Affairs Manager for the Shell Company of the Sudan Ltd.; she is a firm believer in the vast opportunities a partnership between the different stakeholders can bring and how that can contribute to the SDGs and creating the societal impact needed to bring about positive change. She has joined Ubuntu Lab Africa as a national coordinator since 2017 and is also a member of the Global Transformation Thinkers Network which focuses on democracy and good governance.

Gabriela Gandel

Headshot of Gabriela Gandel

As an experienced leader of innovative global organisations, organisational and personal development consultant and experiential learning designer, Gabriela remains committed to constructing organisations and systems that foster the flourishing of both people and the planet. Her dedication lies in realising meaningful visions, ensuring they come to fruition for a better world.

She spent her last 10 years working as a manager or consultant with a mix of not-for-profit and for-profit global organisations spanning over 50 countries around the world. As a manager, she worked for AIESEC International and Romania, Future Considerations and Impact Hub. As a consultant, her clients included HSBC, KPMG, BP, TATE Britain and ten key art galleries in England, ProVita Romania, RoPot, Human Invest. Throughout her career, Gabriela has been involved in coaching engagements with over 40 leaders, a testament to her dedication to nurturing and fostering leadership excellence.

She has happily worked for the Impact Hub network as a global director for 10 years, helping build a global infrastructure for catalysing and scaling social enterprises and change-making businesses that address the key issues of our time. Her work is a testament to her unwavering belief in the potential of interconnected humanity to drive positive change.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Gabriela continues to contribute her insights as an Advocacy Advisor on Impact Hub’s esteemed global board of directors.

Gabriela Werner

Headshot of Gabriela Werner

Gabriela Werner is the founding partner of Impact Hub Floripa, in Brazil, with over 15 years of experience in management, sustainability and marketing in various segments, including NGOs, consultancy, finance and manufacturing. She’s passionate about impact entrepreneurship, gender equality and a more collaborative way of doing business. In Impact Hub, she has led customer development, fundraising, product, team and community. The growth of the business is steady in all three main revenue lines: community & coworking; entrepreneurial education & events; and entrepreneurs’ support & programmes.

Alfredo Villalonga

Headshot of Alfredo Villalonga

Alfredo’s journey with Impact Hub Network began in 2013 when he co-founded Impact Hub Monterrey in Mexico. His commitment to driving positive change dates back to 2007 when, alongside his dedicated team, he initiated his inaugural sustainable tourism endeavour aimed at uplifting the inhabitants of the Lacandon Jungle. This visionary project garnered global recognition, earning accolades from esteemed institutions like the OAS and the WEF. Since January 2021, Alfredo has assumed the role of Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Impact Hub Association. He is an expert in business development and partnerships and is interested in impact business, civic engagement, sustainable tourism, local craft beer and racquetball.

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