SoTecIn: Connecting people

The core idea behind SoTecIn Factory is to address the unsustainability of current industrial models, both socially and ecologically, by integrating green and circular technologies into a new model centered around community collaboration.

Impact Hub communities in Türkiye: Uniting for resilience

In the wake of the 2023 earthquake that struck Türkiye, Impact Hub communities in Türkiye demonstrated the power of collective action in response to a devastating crisis. This is the story of their collaborative action, emphasising both short-term and long-term interventions with a focus on building back better.

Impact Hub Accra: Ten years of impact

Over the past ten years, Impact Hub Accra has evolved from its humble beginnings into a thriving epicentre for innovative thinkers. Reflecting on this journey, they envision a future where all creative forces in Accra and beyond unite to drive positive change.

Impact Hub Waikato: Empowering indigenous entrepreneurs

In a town grappling with economic challenges and social disparities, Impact Hub Waikato is committed to fostering indigenous entrepreneurship and creativity. Through their innovative programmes, the community of Tokoroa were able to flourish and realise their creative potential.

Impact Hub Vienna: Journey towards a greener Austria

Boldly leading the charge in the landscape of climate action is Climate Lab. Founded by Impact Hub Vienna in 2022, it has swiftly become a beacon of innovation and collaboration, steering Austria towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Impact Hub Odesa: Nurturing hope in post-war Ukraine

Amidst the turmoil in Ukraine, the Green Theatre Volunteer Camp in partnership with Impact Hub Odesa stood as a beacon of resilience and hope. In the face of adversity, they embarked on a courageous mission, to launch the Social Camp Odesa 2023. Read the full story to find out about this remarkable initiative.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh: Amplifying voices through music

The team at NOW-Us! Impact Hub Phnom Penh embarked on an inspiring mission of empowerment, aiming to revolutionise the lives of their rightsholder groups through the NOW-Us! Award Cambodia project. Their ingenious idea: harnessing the transformative power of music.

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