Global Roadmap For Refugee Entrepreneurship

This study aimed to align UNHCR operations with global best practices in entrepreneurship and the inclusion of vulnerable communities, providing strategic guidance through a global roadmap on refugee entrepreneurship. It analysed the range of refugee entrepreneurship activities conducted by UNHCR country operations, implementing partners, and relevant stakeholders. Additionally, the study identified good practices and opportunities for improvement in refugee entrepreneurship.

Accelerators as Drivers of Gender Equality

Discover our guide addressing the gender gap in accelerator programmes. With just 13% of applicants being women-led teams, we tackle challenges hindering women entrepreneurs. From low-growth industries to limited capital, find practical solutions to make support more accessible and promote gender equality.

Social Solidarity Economy

Embark on a collaborative journey with 18 organisations across 11 countries, delving into internationalisation in Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) organisations. This report spotlights women’s pivotal role and explores the potential of feminist principles for global adoption. Discover how SSE embraces inclusivity and empowerment, shaping a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Mapping Refugee & Migrant Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Europe

With 70.8 million people forcibly displaced globally, entrepreneurship empowers refugees and migrants, aiding their integration into the UK’s economy and society. Support groups are crucial, providing vital business skills, networks, and capital. This study offers validated recommendations to strengthen the sector and thanks contributors for their valuable input.

Invest Africa

Impact Hub’s Deep Dive Africa (DDA) empowers entrepreneurs and investors across key African markets. The report offers deep insights, guiding interested investors towards growth opportunities in the region.

Sustainable Food Trends 2023

Immerse yourself in the latest trends shaping the agri-food industry with Impact Hub Berlin’s groundbreaking report. In collaboration with Rentenbank and Trend Watching, we delve into the evolving landscapes of food creation and consumption, exploring the impactful trends driving the sustainable food industry forward.

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