Women Run Impact-Driven Enterprises Ecosystem Mapping

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards seek to drive change by empowering women entrepreneurs. In partnership with INSEAD Business School and McKinsey & Company, this study highlights gaps and opportunities in these dynamic ecosystems to enhance collaboration and support for women-run impact-driven businesses in markets across the globe.

MedUp! | Promoting social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region

This ‘book of stories’ presents the most successful and scalable social enterprise initiatives – particularly those involving women, youth and rural communities that have been selected to receive MedUp!’s technical and financial support. The objective? To inspire youth to build better businesses for a better future, connect impact makers – and create awareness for these stories of impact in action.

Social Economy & Entrepreneurship in CEE + Turkey post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed lives, social interactions, and economies. In April-May 2021, we researched its impact in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey, focusing on responses from enterprises, governments, and stakeholders. This report summarises the findings and provides policy recommendations to mitigate the crisis and support recovery efforts.

Jordan: Social Entrepreneurship Policy Framework & Roadmap

This document presents the contextual background and lays out the priority areas of focus for the Social Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee (MoDEE) as it formalises and actions a Policy Framework and Roadmap to enable a conducive regulatory environment for Social Enterprises in Jordan.

Baku Ecosystem Report

This ecosystem report was developed to provide insights into the current state of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Baku, Azerbaijan. The research and the functional map enable a panoramic view of the ecosystem, laying out the spectrum of various actors related to the ecosystem, identifying gaps and crowded areas within the ecosystem, spotting collaboration or partnership opportunities.

Scaling and Replication: A way to grow your impact

In this toolkit, you will find useful concepts and indications that can help you navigate the replicability and scalability worlds. On the one hand, we’ve realized there is a need for social entrepreneur support organisations (SESOs) to acquire techniques and tools to integrate into their offer of technical services specific tools and methodologies to support the social entrepreneurs that are ready and mature enough, in their growth path.

Beyond co-working: Drivers of collaboration in shared workspaces

This paper explores the role of collaboration in co-working spaces. Based on a unique data set of 2,336 members of 76 Impact Hubs as well as survey data from Impact Hub staff members, a longitudinal dataset and 10 qualitative interviews, we shed light on the prevalence of collaboration, its effects on performance and its antecedents.

Global Roadmap For Refugee Entrepreneurship

This study aimed to align UNHCR operations with global best practices in entrepreneurship and the inclusion of vulnerable communities, providing strategic guidance through a global roadmap on refugee entrepreneurship. It analysed the range of refugee entrepreneurship activities conducted by UNHCR country operations, implementing partners, and relevant stakeholders. Additionally, the study identified good practices and opportunities for improvement in refugee entrepreneurship.

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