Building a thriving Armenia through sustainable tourism: the journey of ONEArmenia

Founded in 2012, ONEArmenia (1A) has been on a mission to build a thriving Armenia by funding sustainable projects with radical transparency at the heart of their efforts. Among the first organisations to join Impact Hub Yerevan in 2016, 1A and its community of over 100,000 supporters have successfully implemented more than 35 socio-economic projects in rural Armenia.

Circularity in action: circular innovations in Indonesia

In the vibrant urban landscape of Jakarta, Indonesia, two socially conscious enterprises, Sampangan and Plépah, are leading the charge toward sustainability and a circular economy. Both integral members of Impact Hub Jakarta’s community and recipients of recognition through the Accelerate2030 Programme, these enterprises blend traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology to address environmental challenges.

Circularity in action: circular economy role models of Greece

Two enterprises in Greece, Tinos eco-lodge and Coffee-eco are at the forefront of the circular economy, revolutionising how businesses operate in the country. These initiatives highlight the transformative potential of innovative businesses in driving a more sustainable future.

Circularity in action: innovations from China

Pioneers in the circular economy field in China, Wenjing Zhao and Stéphane Vernede have created new models of products and services that are being mainstreamed by major companies. They demonstrate a dedication to reducing waste, maximising resource efficiency, and promoting sustainable practices. Together they pave the way for a more environmentally conscious world.

Circularity in action: sustainable innovations in Amsterdam

Reflower and Dik & Schil emerge as two pioneering businesses in Amsterdam to advance the circular economy through innovative solutions. Their steadfast dedication to circular principles is evident in their disruptive approach to the industry, where they actively reduce waste and ingeniously repurpose materials to infuse new life into their products.

Circularity Tales: tackling the waste problem in coffee industries

KAFEA.ECO, a company committed to revolutionising the coffee industry with a focus on addressing the environmental impact of waste materials, particularly coffee capsules, is at the forefront of circular economy practices. With a circular mindset from inception, the company aims to implement its system nationwide and beyond, emphasising the importance of circular thinking in business practices.

SoTecIn: connecting people

The core idea behind SoTecIn Factory is to address the unsustainability of current industrial models, both socially and ecologically, by integrating green and circular technologies into a new model centered around community collaboration.

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