Four leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

In a world grappling with urgent social and environmental challenges, Nelson Mandela’s leadership shines as a beacon of courage, resilience, and vision. Impact Hub, dedicated to fostering positive change, draws profound inspiration from Mandela’s remarkable journey. Join us as we delve into four pivotal leadership lessons gleaned from Mandela’s unwavering spirit.

Semente Verde: cultivating Bissau’s blossoming impact ecosystem

Impact Hub Candidate Bissau, supported by MAVA Foundation and UNDP, cultivates sustainable innovation through seed programmes, fostering circular economy solutions and empowering young changemakers for transformative entrepreneurship in Guinea-Bissau. Exciting growth and initiatives ahead!

Achieving net zero: facts vs Fiction​

The term “net zero” is gaining traction in the climate battle, representing balanced greenhouse gas emissions. But misconceptions persist. In this blog, we debunk myths, emphasising genuine emission cuts, attainability, and imperative transformation for a resilient, sustainable future.

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