Pearl Jars: Crafting sustainable solutions in Lisbon’s entrepreneurial hub

Lukas Boettger, Director of Pearl Jars, has found a home for his innovative lifestyle brand within the vibrant community of Impact Hub Lisbon. Since joining in 2020, Lukas has spearheaded Pearl Jars’ mission to deliver healthy and eco-friendly packaging solutions for everyday household products. Through collaboration and dedication to sustainability, Pearl Jars has become a beacon of innovation in Lisbon’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Environmental Champions: Restoring Colombia’s ecosystems and empowering communities

Impact Hub Medellín proudly supports innovative social enterprises committed to environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Among their distinguished members are Amazonía Emprende and Samaná, two enterprises that exemplify their mission. These organisations focus on forest conservation and ecosystem restoration in Colombia, each bringing unique solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Energía Vectorial: Pioneering electric vehicle transformation in Latin America

Energía Vectorial, a member of Impact Hub Medellín since 2019, is revolutionising urban mobility in Latin America with innovative electric vehicle (EV) conversion technologies. By converting internal combustion engine vehicles into electric vehicles, Energía Vectorial targets commercial fleets to significantly reduce urban pollution and operational costs. Their work extends vehicle life, aligns with sustainable development goals, and promotes cleaner city environments, making a profound impact on local communities.

VerdeNovo: Sowing seeds of change in the Cerrado

Bárbara’s business, VerdeNovo, enhances the conservation efforts of the Cerrado by focusing on the collection and commercialisation of native seeds for the restoration of degraded areas. Based in Brasília, VerdeNovo offers over 150 species, including Ipê-verde and Jacarandá, and provides consultancy services. Through her startup, Bárbara aims to combat the impoverishment of those living in the Cerrado, ensuring both social and environmental sustainability.

Celebrating artists tackling social and environmental issues

For World Creativity and Innovation Day, we commemorate the profound influence of human creativity in addressing local challenges, particularly those concerning social and environmental issues. Through mediums such as visual art, design, and architecture, we delve into the intricate beauty of our natural world and confront the impacts of human activity on our environment.

A just transition: integrating sustainability and inclusion

Our environmental efforts centre around the concept of a just transition, ensuring that we don’t leave anyone behind as we move towards sustainability. This means considering the social impact of our actions and catering to the diverse needs of our communities.

Impact Hub Ljubljana: emerging tech-driven entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Four outstanding winners of the Social Impact Award (SIA) Slovenia are cultivating social entrepreneurship and driving positive change through innovative tech solutions aimed at tackling diverse environmental and social challenges. Co-organized by Impact Hub Ljubljana, these initiatives are paving the way for a brighter future in Slovenia.

Footprints Africa: paving the way for sustainable businesses in Africa

Footprints Africa is on a mission to advance sustainable, scalable, and inclusive approaches to developing local African economies. The venture supports SMEs to adopt future-friendly practices, address the challenges of growth, and create jobs, using supply chains as a tool for development.

Circularity Tales: environmental entrepreneurship in Dakar

In Senegal, the surge in environmental entrepreneurship among the youth is evident through projects addressing sanitation, pollution, and plastic waste. Impact Hub Dakar’s circularity programme, “Wërngël-Bi,” has been pivotal in nurturing these initiatives. Josephine Tine, co-founder of ART-Pesoung, Hadji Malick Sagne, of Cactus Innovation, and Adja Aissatou Diallo, founder of Galle epitomise the transformative potential of sustainable solutions in Senegal’s shift towards a circular economy.

SoTecIn: connecting people

The core idea behind SoTecIn Factory is to address the unsustainability of current industrial models, both socially and ecologically, by integrating green and circular technologies into a new model centered around community collaboration.

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