12 July 2023

From vision to impact: insights from Future Founders Day

In an era where social and environmental issues are increasingly pressing, there is a crucial need to foster change that prioritises the well-being of both people and the planet. That is why these forward-thinking individuals have embraced the challenge of making a positive impact on society. 

If you aspire to be among these passionate Impact Hub founders, then explore on to discover the actionable strategies and profound insights in this article. These invaluable perspectives were shared by the founders of Impact Hub Houston and Impact Hub Caracas during our recent Future Founders Day event. Let’s uncover the wisdom and experience that these pioneers have to offer!


Unlocking the power of partnerships and diversity

One of the key takeaways from Impact Hub Houston’s approach is the significance of partnerships and collaborations. By partnering with organisations that already deliver programmes, they leverage existing resources and expertise, benefiting both parties. This approach allows them to stand out in a crowded ecosystem and build trust among potential funders. Impact Hub Houston seeks funding through various sources, including corporate partners, foundational grants, and government grants. Their ability to position themselves as ecosystem developers and collaborators has helped them achieve their goals effectively.

Recognising the importance of diversity within the team and the community they serve, Impact Hub Houston aims to have a team that reflects the diversity of Houston – the most ethnically diverse city in the United States. By having team members from different backgrounds, they can effectively connect with and build trust within the community they serve. This diversity allows them to establish meaningful relationships and bridge cultural gaps.

“If you can see it, you can be it. Impact Hubs create a space where people can see people like themselves developing solutions and businesses, inspiring and empowering them.” – Grace Rodriguez, Impact Hub Houston.

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Navigating adversity with resilience

The story of Impact Hub Caracas highlights the resilience and determination required to navigate challenging circumstances. Despite facing protests and political turmoil, Claudia Valladares and her team decided to open Impact Hub Caracas, demonstrating their commitment to their mission. Adapting to the intense socio-political challenges, Impact Hub Caracas redefined its mission and expanded its programmes to support entrepreneurs as active citizens fighting for democracy and social progress. This flexibility and adaptability are crucial in overcoming adversity.

They also faced severe economic challenges, including hyperinflation and currency devaluation. To address these challenges, they adopted an agile and flexible approach. Through successful collaborations with local actors, corporations, multilaterals, and embassies, they built a robust ecosystem that recognises their role as a significant player in the region. By seeking additional funding and subsidising programme costs, they ensure that their programmes are accessible to entrepreneurs facing financial difficulties in the current economic climate.

“Impact Hubs can be both a safe space for people to have difficult conversations, innovate new solutions, or have new ideas. We have become a place where people can find access to other people through our Impact Hub network and not feel isolated.” – Claudia Valladares, Impact Hub Caracas.

Benefits of becoming part of the Global Network

At the core of Impact Hub’s philosophy is the belief in the power of entrepreneurship to solve challenges and create positive change. When individuals and organisations become members of the network, they join a vibrant community united by this shared belief. This environment nurtures the growth of innovative solutions, allowing them to flourish and make a lasting impact.

  • Versatile and replicable business model
    Impact Hub has developed a versatile business model that can be easily replicated in any local context. This model has been recognised and endorsed by international partners, and is even recognized by the United Nations for its contribution to advancing the sustainable development goals. Individuals and organisations can benefit from this established model, gaining guidance and support to create thriving hubs tailored to their local communities’ needs.
  • Ongoing support and guidance
    Impact Hub places great emphasis on fostering an environment of continuous growth. To support our Impact Hub’s co-founders in their entrepreneurial journey, we offer capacity building webinars, regional and global gatherings, and how-to guides that provide valuable insights and resources.
  • Global community and cross-hub collaboration
    With 110+ hubs worldwide, Impact Makers can connect with diverse communities and work from any Impact Hub for three days per year. This global reach enables members to travel the world, expand their networks, and collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations.
  • Virtual community and knowledge sharing
    Connect with other Impact Hub founders facing similar challenges in their local contexts on our virtual community platform! This virtual space fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, allowing founders to learn from one another. 

Become part of the Impact Hub global network and amplify impact, foster collaborations, and drive positive change on both local and global scales! Whether you are a start-up team or an established organisation, Impact Hub provides a platform for growth, connection, and the realisation of your vision for a better world.

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