Why We Need To Focus On Reducing Inequalities
25 July 2018 - Impact Hub

Uncertain Times

Saying that we live in ‘uncertain times’ is a bit of an understatement. And given how much this phrase is announced across news channels and social media feeds all over the world these days just one quick google of this phrase churns out over 5,480,000 different news stories at this rate, it’s also a cliché.

So what does this phrase really, actually mean?

It means immigration. It means refugees. It means trade policy, economics, sexism, racism, poverty… you name it, and it’s in crisis. The good news, fortunately, is that all of this disarray is leading to a tipping point.

The ‘uncertain time’ in which we live is also our shared moment of critical mass, as referred to by Malcolm Gladwell himself, author of the much acclaimed book ‘The Tipping Point’.

It’s a threshold that gives us the opportunity to catalyze change at a phenomenal rate around the world and if we play our cards right, we absolutely will.

This is why we’re focusing on SDG 10, right now: reduced inequalities within and among countries.

What is SDG 10?

As part of the global Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 10 aims to reduce inequalities within and among countries by the year 2030. To do this, we all need to come together as nation-wide governments, big companies, hopeful start-ups, local communities and as individuals ourselves to make the world more just, for everyone.

From tiny, everyday acts of personal kindness to the profound actions of political leaders, we’re using the next 3 months to highlight the ways in which you can reduce inequality in the world.

Some inspirational content you can look forward to includes opinions and insights from industry experts, exploring urgent topics such as:

  • Black Lives Still Matter

Now 5 years on since Trayvon Martin’s killer was acquitted, how does the Black Lives Matter movement influence different communities throughout the United States today?

  • Small Ways You Can Help Fight Inequalities Every Day

In the workplace, at home, in private and in public – we’ll provide a guide that can help you achieve SDG 10 in tiny and simple ways, each day.

  • How The Refugee Crisis Is Being Tackled Across Europe

We take a trip throughout the continent to compare and contrast how innovators, companies and countries alike are taking action to help the refugee crisis.

  • The Difference Between Feeling Change & Making It

As neoliberal attitudes rise more and more to the surface of everyday life, is social entrepreneurship being put into jeopardy?

  • What Brexit means for the future of startups

We take a critical look at refugee flows and the state of diversity across the UK, and consider what the economic implications of Brexit might mean for social enterprise as we know it.

  • Coffee Breaks: Get To Know The Inspiring People In Your Sector

A brand new and exclusive series of articles that will help you get to know some of the most inspiring people working in social enterprise right now.

  • Ni Una Menos & Me Too: Why You Don’t Know Them Both

Almost everyone around the world has heard of the me too movement, but it’s likely that less have heard of ni una menos if you’re not in Latin America. We’re going to put the spotlight on this incredible social justice movement, and find out why more people aren’t familiar with it already.

What You Can Do

To find out how to help reduce the inequalities in your world, stay tuned to our blog, our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages to discover tips and inspiration on how to make a difference to SDG 10. In the meantime, you can:

  • Discover how Nelson Mandela’s lasting impact takes #ActionAgainstPoverty.
  • Scale-up your solution to the migration crisis by applying for Rethinking Inclusion.
  • Explore how one fictional character is helping refugee children recover from PTSD.
  • Or just take a moment to appreciate Sabah Muktar opening her 2016 introductory speech for Obama’s first visit to a US mosque…

(If you’re already feeling inspired, you can watch the full speech here).

So in such uncertain times, we want to provide hope for the future. But most importantly, we want to provide you with the tools to build it yourself.

So stay tuned for much more to come!

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