Impact Hubs Around the World

Globally connected. Locally embedded. In each one of our Impact Hubs around the world, a powerful combination of content, community and space bring evolve game-changing ideas for social impact.


Impact Hubs provide the spaces, resources, connections, knowledge, talent, markets, and investment that turn intention into impact. In every community we work with, wherever we are, we commit to awakening the imaginations, livelihoods, and economies of our surroundings–enabling collaborative action towards sustainable impact. Spanning the physical and virtual environment of entrepreneurship, Impact Hubs are a driving force within the global movement creating a better world.

Through our locally connected and globally embedded community of individuals, organizations, and businesses, we come together to create the change we wish to see in the world. Acting as a springboard for exploring ideas, sharing knowledge, and gaining access to essential resources and capital, we are creating a powerful ecosystem to support a new type of economy.  We are creating a tide to raise all boats.

What is Impact Hub?

We are the world’s largest network focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale. Through our locally rooted, globally connected network you can accelerate solutions to some of the world’s key issues. Ready to take action? Join us!