24 February 2021

Urgent action needed in Myanmar to restore the democratic rules of law and protecting the rights of the Myanmar citizens

The Global Impact Hub network condemns the recent actions of the Myanmar military undermining the democratic process and institutions of Myanmar, as well as the human rights of its citizens.

Throughout its network, Impact Hub supports peaceful, participatory and democratic structures and upholding of the rule of law. The actions of the military – neglecting the results of the November 2020 election, arrests of elected government officials and arbitrary legislation violating human rights are deeply concerning.

The Myanmar military has revoked the Myanmar constitutional articles pertaining to the basic human rights protection of the people. As a clear violation of human rights, this action grants the Myanmar military (armed forces) the right to arrest without warrants, as well as track, investigate the communication of and detain individuals without cause. The proposed cyber security law, which allows the military and its allies to intercept data, restrict internet access and detain people for up to three years, threatens freedom of information. As a Global Impact Hub Network, we are deeply concerned about these developments that highlight the need for urgent action.

The Impact Hub network calls on the international community to explore all options to take urgent action against the Myanmar military and expresses its support for the open letter from Myanmar civil society organizations to the UN Security Council. We, therefore, call on the Council to take action on restoring the democratic rules of law and protecting the rights of the Myanmar citizens.

The Impact Hub Network follows the request for the Council to urge the Myanmar military to:

  • Release all arbitrarily detained individuals immediately
  • Refrain from all use of violence on its citizens
  • Respect people’s rights to freedom of expression & assembly
  • End all violations of human rights and protect citizens
  • End all military offensives


We are awed to witness the determination and will of Myanmar people throughout their peaceful protests and civil disobedience movement. We call for the international community to uplift the visibility and spread awareness about this Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), which represents the voices of the majority of Myanmar people.

The Impact Hub network believes that the current crisis in Myanmar is a critical test for the international community to demonstrate its capability to ensure the welfare and human rights of all people. Because of the recent escalation of violence and erosion of human rights, we believe that urgent action is needed. The Global Impact Hub network is available to support any efforts towards a beneficial resolution of this crisis for all individuals in Myanmar.


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