Tapiwa Nyandoro
Africa Development Lead

Tapiwa is driven by the prospect of contributing to the creation of a better and more functional entrepreneurial ecosystem within Africa. He is a dedicated development practitioner with professional research and consulting experience spanning across over ten countries across Africa and beyond. Prior to joining the Impact Hub Harare team as a coordinator in September 2016, Tapiwa had been working as a consultant on two DFID-funded programs in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. These programs were focused primarily on public-private partnerships as well as accountability. These experiences form the basis of Tapiwa’s expertise in strategy formulation and partnership development. His work in various instances involved the facilitation of relationships between government and private sector actors, as well as coordination of research projects across East Africa. Tapiwa’s emphasis on strategy has been a key strength in his professional success. As a committed team player and advocate Tapiwa hopes to deepen the roots of Impact Hubs across the continent. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Development Studies from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. *Tapiwa is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.