Petruta Stoica
Finance & Operations Manager

Born in Romania, Petruta spent her childhood in Bucharest. In 2006, she attended university at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, where she majored in Accounting and Management Information Systems. From 2004 until 2013 she was an accountant at Foundation Center for Economic Development ( CDE ), having a range of activities, from bookkeeping to microfinance activities. In 2009, the foundation became a non-bank financial institution and she went from Economist in 2009- 2013 to Senior Controlling and Reporting Officer in 2014, where her main responsibilities were controlling (preparing periodical reports, compliance audits, monitoring internal controls, budgeting, and analyzing financial data to varying degrees) and reporting (preparing the internal and external reports, budgets, forecasts). In 2016, Petruta joined us as part of the Finance & Operations Circle at Impact Hub Global as Controlling & Reporting Lead. *Petruta is based in Bucharest, Romania.