Marina Sarli
EU Cluster Coordinator

Marina was born in Potenza, Italy but she lives in Athens, Greece. She has been working as a volunteer and as a professional in the CSOs sector since ever. When she was 16 she had the first part-time contract as Environmental Educator. Since then, she has been working as project manager and general director for Youth Associations, Development Association. In 2002 she has founded Fair Trade Hellas, the first Fair Trade Association in Greece, that is a member of Impact Hub Athens community.
She has been active in consultancy, advocacy and governance level into the European Development Cooperation Sector (she is actually at her second mandate for international board of the Concord Confederation of European Association for Development and Relief) and she loves to be a trainer on Advocacy and Leadership skills. After her daughter Chiara arrives to make her life even more chaotic and richer, she became a freelance fundraiser, trainer, and consultant for CSOs. So she arrived at Impact Hub Company as EU Cluster Coordinator and actually she is also Account Manager of the Social Challenges Innovation Platform EU project. She is very often on an airplane, where she can forget e-mails and cultivate her reading passion!
*Marina is based in Athens, Greece