Marina Sarli
EU Development Manager & EU Cluster Coordinator

Marina, originally from Potenza, Italy, now resides in Greece. Starting with her first part-time role as an Environmental Educator at the age of 16, she has gained extensive experience in the civil society organization (CSOs) sector, bringing over 20 years of expertise to her role as a Senior Consultant in Project Management, EU Fundraising, Advocacy, Training, and Networks Coordination. She worked for 9 years in youth civic organizations, and in 2002, she established Fair Trade Hellas, Greece's first initiative dealing with fair and sustainable trade, which holds membership in the Impact Hub Athens community. Marina has made passionate and recognized contributions at the consultancy, advocacy, and governance levels within the European Development Cooperation Sector. She served two mandates on the international board of Concord, the Confederation of European Association for Development and Relief, and she currently sits on the board of the association SOS Mediterranee Italia, which operates the rescue boat Ocean Viking with the mission of saving lives of people in distress in the Mediterranean Sea. Marina's passion extends to training, particularly in Advocacy and Leadership skills. In 2009, with the arrival of her daughter Chiara, she transitioned to a freelance role as a fundraiser, trainer, and consultant for CSOs. In 2016, Marina joined the Impact Hub Company as the EU Cluster Coordinator. Over the years, her tasks and responsibilities have evolved into the current role of EU Development Manager, combining strategic EU fundraising with the management of approved EU projects. Frequent travel has become a part of Marina's life, and she often seeks opportunities to indulge her passion for art, culture, and sunny places. * Marina is based in Athens, Greece.