Flora Rosenow
Brand and Communications Director

Flora is passionate to use her expertise to drive good business - one that is collaborative, innovative and cares for people and the planet. Her background includes various international brand and marketing communications roles, for Nike as well as for a global NGO and the EU's main network for climate change innovation. She applies a holistic approach to get from a vision to execution to spark engagement on subjects that matter. That is how she created the first ‘Climathon’, a global climate action hackathon that empowers citizens to take action on climate issues, which received a Guardian Sustainable Business Award. Giving workshops and brand advice to startups, she has gotten very passionate about social entrepreneurship. Flora is also part of the founding team of Impact Hub Hamburg. Born and raised bilingual, she speaks six languages and is naturally passionate about languages, culture, and travel. In her free time, Flora loves to be in nature, to enjoy good food and company and, as a former judo athlete, she loves sports as well.

*Flora is based in Hamburg, Germany