Edilaine de Abreu
Communications Lead

Edilaine is a Public Relations professional and has work experience in large agencies for over 10 years, moving through the areas of strategy development, social responsibility programs, content production, press relations, crisis management and training and with a sole focus on internal communications for three of those years, having served clients such as GE, MWV, J&J, Natura, CA and Air France. She has also worked for local NGOs in Brazil, where she has strengthened her experience in stakeholder engagement and building strong networks. Passionate about social change and innovation, she is taking a postgrad in Social Innovation at the Amani Institute and keeps abreast of news and trends in the sector. She also loves to travel, having lived in London, UK, and Chicago, USA. Other interests of her are maintaining contact with nature, culture and discovering new bands and music artists.
*Edilaine is based out of São Paulo.