Anne Kathrin Merkle
Partnerships Lead

Anne is the Global Partnership Lead focusing on the strategic partnerships with WWF and the Robert Bosch Stiftung (foundation). For WWF her focus is on relationship building between local Impact Hubs and WWF offices and concept development for joint initiatives to accelerate environmental innovation. For the Robert Bosch Stiftung Anne is managing the Beyond (un)employment program - a 12 months convening program across 5 Impact Hubs in Europe tacking local unemployment challenges. Anne is working towards more collaborative impact within the social sector and beyond. To understand different perspectives, Anne took a variety of roles: volunteering in a Township (SA), working as a project associate and conference host for the BMW Foundation (Germany & Canada), designing and executing the Talent Project of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (UK) and consulting various NGOs. She holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration with the focus on Public and Non-Profit Management.
Having lived abroad and traveled the majority of the last 6 years, Anne is now based in Berlin. The outdoors are her way to feel connected - from yoga and hiking all the way to scuba diving and surfing.
*Anne is based in Berlin, Germany