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Kirill joined Impact Hub Company as Global Technology Coordinator in January 2020.
He is based in Prague and a part of the Technology team. Previously he worked as a business Process consultant on multiple projects and streams for one of the leading IT companies on the market. Kirill’s work is mainly focused on coordinating IT projects from requirements gathering up to implementation including the Salesforce platform. He enjoys traveling, hiking, and skiing with his family. Kirill is based in Prague.

Laura’s passion for advancing socio-environmental goals through innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration has led her to support & bridge the very special worlds of Impact Hub and WWF in her PM role. At Impact Hub she enables the operational implementation of the network’s 2030 environmental strategy. While at WWF, she empowers WWF offices and communities to grow their innovation capacity. Having co-founded Impact Hub Phnom Penh and provided entrepreneurship and innovation program design, facilitation, and coaching, she hails from the UK, is currently based in Spain and loves exploring the great outdoors whilst eating gelato with her family.

Meet is the Project Manager for WWF & Impact Hub partnership. At Impact Hub, he enables the operational implementation of the network’s 2030 environmental strategy. While at WWF, his focus lies in supporting and empowering WWF offices and communities to grow their innovation capacity. The meet is a strong advocate of socially conscious leadership, social and environmental justice. He has taken up various roles in the past working with organizations such as AIESEC, Being Ocean Foundation, Let’s Do It Foundation, Sustainable Square, and is currently also the co-founder of an NGO called ComunitiLab. Meet is based between India and Nepal and in his spare time loves to travel, go for hikes with his dog, and scuba dive.

Wendy joined Impact Hub Company as our Global Brand and Communications Director in March 2021. She leads our storytelling, digital marketing, media, and brand development initiatives. She is passionate about telling stories that inspire action to make an impact happen. She brings experience both as an impact entrepreneur herself, as a leader of corporate impact funds and accelerators, and as an established professional in marketing, communications, and branding. Wendy is based in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Carol is mainly responsible for the onboarding of new teams in our Network. If you are wondering how to bring an Impact Hub to your city, reach out to Carol! She joined the Impact Hub Network in 2016 as a maker at Impact Hub Floripanópolis. Overthere, she developed experience in events organizing, program design and management, and finance and operations. Carol is Brazilian, and she is passionate about building solutions collectively for impact.
*Based in Lisbon, Portugal

Nayla is a Senior Manager specialised in enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship for public and social impact.
Based in London, she is currently Programs & Partnerships Operations Manager at Impact Hub Global Network where she manages a portfolio of global programs that support social entrepreneurs from idea generation to scaling their ventures. She is passionate about designing innovative approaches to tackle social and environmental challenges in different regions of the world. Nayla holds a BA in Political Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and a Master’s Degree in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics.

Ulysse joined Impact Hub Company as Global Technology coordinator in March 2020. He loves to create websites and apps, and tries to make people’s life easier every day through technology and user experience. Ulysse has 6 years of practical experience working in startup environments and has also participated in a few Hackathons. He has won three hackathons, one focused on harnessing the power of open data to help parents find schools for their children, the second, building an app to help epileptics track their medication and seizures, the last was a service to help athletes manage their wealth and plan for retirement. Ulysse is based in Lisbon.

Fatmata started her role as a Tech Support in June 2019. She is a tech enthusiast and eager to learn. She currently pursues her degree at African Leadership University Rwanda where she studies Computer Science. Fatmata is also a huge fan of social business and likes to connect it with her expertise. She loves to travel as she enjoys maintaining relationships that contribute to her growth which has allowed her to embrace diversity. Fatmata is Based in Kigali, Rwanda.

Aneta has worked for international non-profit, cultural, research, human rights, and educational organizations such as the British Council, Amnesty International, Leeds City Council, and Cambridge University Press. Past roles include strategic leadership and program management, fundraising, portfolio planning, monitoring, evaluation and impact measurement, partnership development, and more recently organizational development and change management. Her special areas of interest and thematic focus include the area of cultural relations, EU funding, creative hubs, urban space, and innovation at the city level. In her free time, you will find her near or in water (ideally the sea) or Lindy Hop and Balboa dancing -pandemic permitting. She is based in sunny Málaga, Spain.

As Programs Capacity Builder Tom works with Impact Hubs and partners to develop and deliver entrepreneurial support initiatives for social entrepreneurs. This includes the co-creation of a curriculum and learning journey and the capacity building of Impact Hubs and organisations to deliver support initiatives within their local contexts – if this interests you then simply reach out to Tom to find out more! Tom has developed his career in the social impact space with a focus on social innovation methods, digital technology, learning experiences and business development. Currently based in London, Tom has also spent some time living in Berlin while learning more about the world of tech for good and coding.