Maro Verli is a communication expert with over 15 years of experience crafting impactful strategies for global humanitarian, governmental, and development initiatives. Notably, she has also garnered recognition as an esteemed photographer, receiving the International Florence Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition award in 2015. She loves telling stories and weaving compelling narratives to encapsulate the essence of documentaries with her camera. Her extensive portfolio spans Europe, Asia, and Africa, marked by pivotal collaborations with distinguished institutions including the European Union Institute, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), ActionAid, Frontier Myanmar Publication, as well as various humanitarian and aid-focused missions. Maro’s work consistently underscores human rights and equality issues (Rohingya crisis, LGBT community, Sexual Violence). While based in Greece, her dedication takes her wherever her expertise is needed, driven by her love for the sea, the warmth of smiles, and the simple joy of watermelons.


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