Marine Hasson

Headshot of Marine Hasson

Based in London, Marine is the Global Programmes Lead at Impact Hub. With a passion for cultivating social entrepreneurship, she oversees the implementation of exciting programmes aimed at driving inclusive and sustainable innovation at scale. Marine also leads the development of knowledge management strategies to enhance organisational learning and information sharing across Impact Hub’s global programmes portfolio, alongside improving programme management systems. Prior to joining Impact Hub, she worked at the OECD’s Social Economy and Innovation Unit, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, and Ashoka. Marine holds a BA in Social Sciences, as well as a dual Master’s degree in Public Policy and Public Administration from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics.

Ulysse Coates

Headshot of Ulysse Coates

Ulysse joined the Impact Hub Network as the Global Technology Coordinator in March 2020. He loves creating websites and apps, striving to make people’s lives easier every day through technology and user experience. With six years of practical experience in startup environments, Ulysse has also actively participated in several Hackathons. He has won three hackathons, each with a distinct focus: one centred on harnessing the power of open data to assist parents in finding schools for their children, the second involving the development of an app to aid epileptics in tracking their medication and seizures, and the most recent revolving around a service designed to help athletes manage their wealth and plan for retirement. Ulysse is based in Lisbon.

Luiz Bonvini

Headshot of Luiz Bonvini

Luiz joined the Impact Hub Network in 2022, following his tenure with a local Impact Hub team. Previously, he held the position of Programme Manager at Impact Hub Brasília starting in 2020. With a bachelor’s degree in political science, Luiz’s dedication to environmental and climate causes is unwavering. His journey has encompassed diverse roles within esteemed organisations, including AIESEC, Citizens Climate Lobby International, Zero Waste Youth, and Global Shapers. Now an integral part of the Global Network Development team, Luiz is based in Sweden and is currently the Global Capacity Building Coordinator.

Marina Sarli

Headshot of Marina Sarli

Marina has been actively involved in the CSOs sector, both as a volunteer and as a professional. Her journey began at the age of 16 when she secured her first part-time position as an Environmental Educator. From that point forward, Marina’s career evolved as she took on roles such as project manager and general director for Youth Associations and the Development Association.

In 2002, Marina founded Fair Trade Hellas, the pioneering Fair Trade Association in Greece, which holds membership in the Impact Hub Athens community. Her engagement extended to consultancy, advocacy, and governance within the European Development Cooperation Sector. Marina contributed significantly, serving two terms on the 3-year international board of the Concord Confederation of the European Association for Development and Relief. Her expertise also extends to conducting training sessions on various themes, including Advocacy and Leadership skills.

Subsequently, she transitioned into a role as a freelance fundraiser, trainer, and consultant for CSOs. In 2016, Marina joined the Impact Hub Network as the EU Cluster Coordinator. Her current responsibilities encompass strategic EU fundraising and the management of EU-approved projects. In her downtime, Marina indulges in her passion for reading. Originally from Potenza, Italy, she now resides in Athens, Greece. 

Al Siew

Headshot of Al Siew

Al is a writer, barber, and creative hailing from Malaysia. He has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Northumbria but pursued barbering after graduation. He co-founded two businesses with a focus on diversity and inclusivity, creating impact through barbering education and employment for underprivileged communities. His interests encompass developing impactful communications, storytelling, and digital design, specifically aimed at building connections and advancing equity and social justice. Al’s journey at Impact Hub Network began when he joined as an intern for the Global Brand and Communications team. Today, he holds the position of Global Impact Communications and Social Media Coordinator. Currently, he is based in Malta.

Corina Stefan

Headshot of Corina Stefan

Corina joined the team in December 2021. With a remarkable track record spanning more than 19 years in the realm of Human Resources, Corina has traversed diverse roles, ranging from HR Administration to HR Management. Her expertise extends to roles as a proficient trainer and consultant, with experience that spans both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Corina’s passion lies in collaborating with individuals, unearthing their unique strengths, and actively contributing to their personal and professional growth. Based in the vibrant city of Bucharest, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a holistic perspective to the team. Holding dual bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Psychology, Corina possesses a multidimensional understanding that enriches her approach to human capital management.

Gabriela Tudor

Headshot of Gabriela Tudor

Gabriela joined the team in April 2021 as part of the Finance & Operations Circle. Her journey began at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, where she completed her studies in 2018. With a strong educational foundation, she embarked on her professional path as a junior economist and cost controller at one of Romania’s largest financial institutions, Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR).

Hailing from Romania, Gabriela brings her expertise to bear as our Finance Accounting and Controlling Operations Coordinator within the Impact Hub Network. Her keen insights and diligent approach continue to drive our financial and operational excellence.

Mikel Oleaga

Headshot of Mikel Oleaga

Mikel worked for over eight years in Impact Hub Madrid where he held different roles from Community Lead to Director of Programmes or International and Public Sector Programmes Lead. He also has experience in the area of public transparency and anti-corruption. Currently, he’s working on a Ph.D. thesis in the framework of the Innovative Training Network Coral, which aims to unpack the latent dynamics and impacts of collaborative workspaces in rural and peripheral areas and integrate them as development tools in local and regional policies to open up new potentials for socio-economic development. Mikel was born in Madrid, Spain, and holds bachelor’s degrees in Law and in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management from SOAS, University of London.

Fatmata Alice Koroma

Headshot of Fatmata Alice Koroma

Fatmata began her role in Tech Support in June 2019. She is a tech enthusiast and is eager to learn. Currently, she is pursuing her degree at African Leadership University Rwanda, where she is studying Computer Science. Fatmata is also a significant proponent of social business and enjoys integrating it with her expertise. Her love for travel stems from her enjoyment of nurturing relationships that contribute to her personal growth, enabling her to wholeheartedly embrace diversity. Fatmata is Based in Kigali, Rwanda.

Oana Baraghin

Headshot of Oana Baraghin

Oana graduated from Political Sciences and International Relations University in 2016 and Latin American Studies Master in 2018. She has been working as a volunteer for the Pro-Democracy Association for four years. She subsequently ventured into the financial sector, spending a year in the banking industry. Following this, she embarked on an eight-year voyage as an invaluable assistant to an esteemed Executive Coach. She first joined the team in 2017 as an Internal Accounting Support. Then, she worked at Impact Hub Bucharest as part of the finance team for three years. She joined the team again in January 2023 in a part-time capacity within the finance team. Currently, she works full-time in Financial Audit. Oana is based in Bucharest.

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