Impact publications

At Impact Hub we publish an annual report in which we share insights (data) and stories of the impact made by our community of entrepreneurs. We create publications on the impact of our programs, conduct ecosystem mappings and publish measurement frameworks as well as toolkits.

Impactful Publications

At Impact Hub we measure the impact of our activities such as entrepreneur support programs and community memberships. We also support our entrepreneurs in measuring their impact on the world. Each year we publish an impact report which is packed with insights on impact entrepreneurship across the globe. In addition, we publish reports on our acceleration programs, conduct entrepreneurial ecosystem mappings, and develop measurement frameworks and toolkits for verticals such as inclusion and circularity. We collaborate with research partners to gather and publish deeper insights on topics such as gender equality in acceleration and  the effects of collaboration on venture growth.

Impact Reports

Read our latest publication on impact within the Impact Hub community across the globe. 65% of the entrepreneurs in our network are impact-first, they prioritize social and/or environmental returns over financial returns. In 2020 alone, an impressive 1,460 new ventures were created within our community. In the same year, more than 5000 participants joined over 200 programs across the world. This report is packed with data and stories of impact in action.