Salto: Accelerating migrant inclusion

Combining cutting-edge elements from the world of business incubators and accelerators, the Salto Accelerator in collaboration with Impact Hub Florianópolis,  stands as a powerful force driving transformative impact in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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In Brazil, a dynamic force of over 11 million individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) is actively recognising and capitalising on opportunities to shape a more promising future. Despite the term “micro” being applied to their business scale, the courage displayed by these entrepreneurs is anything but diminutive.


Inspired by their spirit of innovation, the Salto Accelerator emerged with a compelling mission: to propel positive social change by ensuring that programmes are not only relevant but also easily accessible. Since 2017, Impact Hub Florianópolis, in collaboration with government partners, private initiatives, cooperatives, and a network of expert mentors, has been successfully steering the Salto Accelerator.

Salto offers a modern methodology that respects and understands the ecosystem in which MEIs are inserted. All of this with the aim of providing greater income and employment generation for the local community.


This transformative project spans across five Brazilian regions, fostering the integration and prosperity of micro-entrepreneurs and migrants from neighbouring countries within their respective environments.


In the year 2021 alone, the accelerator programs catapulted over 2300 individual micro-entrepreneurs through 25 cohorts, resulting in the creation of more than 300 new jobs. Remarkably, the monthly income of at least 55% of the participants experienced significant growth, exemplifying the impactful strides made by the Salto Accelerator.

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