Meet The Speakers: Reimagining The Future
7 November 2018 - Impact Hub

The meaning of change

Just as languages differ from place to place, so does the meaning of change.

What feels like positive progress in one region quite often feels totally different in another, which is due to many nuances across cultural, historical, social, economic and political realities. Central and Eastern Europe is no exception.

Paying attention to these differences is what can really catalyze sustainable change, so we’re working together with our partners to do just that. On November 13th (10am-1pm CET) and November 14th (10am-4pm CET), Impact Hub, WWF, Move.BG and DIF will host the first ever virtual conference in the region: Reimagining the Future of Central and Eastern Europe.

How to approach it

After identifying 3 key obstacles the region faces when it comes to collaborating for sustainable impact, we’ve curated the conference around three different tracks: Impact Technology, Female Entrepreneurship and Community Lead Change. And through these topics we welcome a powerhouse of perspectives and insights.

By giving a platform to entrepreneurs and social innovators who truly understand the Central & Eastern Europe landscape, we can drive collaboration towards a more innovative, sustainable region for all.

Selected speakers

More than 20 speakers will join us virtually to share their inspiring stories, host sessions and discuss barriers and opportunities in the region. Highlights to look forward to include:

1. William Tyner – Impact Technology Track

Tyner is an anthropologist and filmmaker studying the role of civic technology in strengthening the relationship between civil society and government. He has partnered with Code for Romania to explore the emerging civic technology movement in Romania, and on the Impact Technology track Tyner will explore how digital storytelling and UX research can redefine what civic engagement means for the region.

2. Serban Mogos – Impact Technology Track

Mogos is the co-founder & COO of Eyeware, a company that develops 3D eye-tracking software for depth sensing cameras. A tech entrepreneur with a background in strategy and product management, Mogos also co-founded two NGOs for entrepreneurship education in Romania. As part of the Impact Technology track he will use this dual perspective to shed some light on the crossovers between entrepreneurship and social change.

3. Erika Nagy – Female Entrepreneurship Track

Nagy is the founder of Mompreneurs Group Hungary. Her community is focussed on supporting business-owning moms who want to build new relationships, find inspiration and want to have virtual coffees with like-minded people. Having studied marketing at university, Nagy now lives in Switzerland and will be tuning in to the Female Entrepreneurs track to share her expertise on collaborative innovation.

4. Anna Zétényi  – Female Entrepreneurship Track

Zétényi founded the FutureKids Institute for children to develop communication, cooperation and creativity skills. With training as an economist, psychologist, creativity-ecology consultant and EQ coach, Zétényi founded FutureKids after helping to orchestrate Budapest’s Future Work Festival last year. Now she is working to prepare the next generation for a new world of opportunities, and on the Female Entrepreneur track she will provide insights on how we can do the same for women.

5. Tatjana Obradovic  – Female Entrepreneurship Track

As a trainer, strategist and mentor, Obradovic founded Kad Ona Vodi to help female entrepreneurs better plan, organize and manage time so that they can achieve their goals and have more time for themselves. Drawing on her own life as a mother and entrepreneur, she developed a proven system to set goals, make them work, and schedule downtime. As part of the Female Entrepreneurs track she’ll share her approaches to creating sustainable change, and explore what this means for the region.

6. Vesselina Kavrakova – Community Lead Change Track

As the Head of WWF Bulgaria, Kavrakova has spearheaded the internationally acclaimed Save Pirin project. Bulgaria’s Pirin National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage site under threat from proposed construction that will destroy ancient forests and ecosystems. Kavrakova’s #SavePirin projects aims to stop this. Named as one of Bulgaria’s most influential women last year, Kavrakova will speak on the Community Lead Change track about her experience of mobilizing collective action, and ways this can be applied throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

And there’s more

These six inspiring speakers provide just a glimpse of what to expect at Reimagining The Future.

With many more speakers lined up (including Khaled Al Mezayen, Alma Rangel, Irena Ateljevic, Sonja Dakic, Sonia Zivkovic, Dr. Marcus Dapp and Professor Luciano Floridi), this conference aims to inspire and enable sustainable, positive change through Central and Eastern Europe — all from the ground up.

Register now to join the virtual conversation on November 13th (10am-1pm CET) and 14th (10am-4pm CET), and help to reimagine the future of Central and Eastern Europe.

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