12 February 2019

Meet the Finalists of the Greiner Family Impact Initiative

What Is The Greiner Family Impact Initiative?

In 2018, the Greiner family decided to dedicate funds to giving back to society. To do this, they set up an accelerator program for impact entrepreneurs, and are now building a selective network of impact investors to bridge the gap between start-ups, know-how and funding.

Each year the family will define a specific area it wants to focus on, based on the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year the focus is on equal access to quality education and decent employment opportunities, to reduce the risk of poverty and social exclusion.

Set up in collaboration with Impact Hub Vienna, the program has now six impact entrepreneurs who have been carefully selected after presenting valid business concepts, and proof that their ideas have a measurable impact. The finalists get the opportunity to take part in a modular series of workshops and training in:

  • Financial Skills
  • Impact Measurement
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Strategy

Between November 2018 and April 2019, each of the finalists in addition receive online expert and peer-to-peer support while taking part in these modules, ahead of the final pitching day in front of a selected pool of impact investors in Munich on April 11th.

The 2019 Finalists

So say hello to this year’s finalists, battling it out ahead of the big day in April…

1. Cataya

Cataya provides entrepreneurs with a simple tool for creating a free online shop and a website. Their goal is to eradicate the upfront costs and technical barriers that are often so time-consuming and frustrating for growing businesses.

Why were they chosen?

Cataya supports small entrepreneurs to quickly establish an online presence.

2. Equal Education

Equal Education is a specialist tutoring service for children in care. The team works with schools and virtual schools to narrow the attainment gap between children in care and those who aren’t. It offers specialist tutoring programs to children to help them raise their aspirations and reach their potential.

Why were they chosen?

Equal Education aims to improve the educational outcomes of some of society’s most vulnerable children.

3. Learn More

Learn More aims to improve quality of education by empowering educators, building relationships and leveraging data. Through researching causes and consequences of good learning practices, they develop innovative approaches to learning, sharing skills and experience.

Why were they chosen?

Learn More wants to empower the essential pillars of any educational system.

4. mimycri

mimycri upcycles broken refugee rubber boats into high quality bags. The organization’s aim is to foster a dialogue with and between people to better understand, accept and positively shape current developments in our society.

Why were they chosen?

This company increases opportunities for employment and social inclusion for refugees.

5. SciCo

SciCo consists of scientists, academics, educators, artists and people with an interest in everyday science. Its aim is to communicate scientific issues to the public through talks, training, interactive teaching, events and more.

Why were they chosen?

SciCo makes science accessible and fun, and aims to combat scientific illiteracy.

6. Valeriana

Valeriana supports women and mothers with migrant backgrounds by bringing them together through a community platform, and at the same time gives them access to household jobs through it.

Why were they chosen?

Valeriana is a great example of a startup that supports diversity, empowering and employing women of different cultural backgrounds.

Keeping Track

In the run up to April, these inspiring entrepreneurs are taking part in the program’s intensive modules between Impact Hub Vienna and Impact Hub Munich, where they receive support from dedicated peers, experts, and the Impact Hub community worldwide.

If you want to get involved as an impact investor or want to support this initiative in a different way, sign up for updates on their website or get in touch directly.

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The Greiner Initiative contributes towards the following SDGs: