Leading the Legal Charge for Social Impact
9 December 2013 - techteam

With a career in corporate law behind him, Inder Comar, of Comar Law, puts his legal chops to work at Impact Hub Bay Area to help start ups succeed and seek out justice in the making of the Iraq War.

“Impact Hub is an incredibly supportive, collaborative environment. I can’t think of a better place to have a law firm grounded in social impact.”

Inder made the decision to strike a different path and pursue a more impactful career. To him, impact means “making a contribution every day that helps push the world in a positive direction.”

He started his own practice two years ago for two reasons. “First, I knew I wanted to help innovative social change start ups and non profits make a more meaningful impact on society. I wanted to be part of the social innovation world. Second, I also knew I wanted to use my skills as a litigator to help people use the courts to positively impact society,” said Comar in an interview with Impact Hub Bay Area.

Much of Comar’s drive for change is born out of his belief that “people aspire to better America, but it’s hard for them to see how they can make an impact” and everyone “has power.”

Championing Justice in the Iraq War

In recent months, the lawyer has poured his legal energy into a case that he sees as pivotal to holding our leaders accountable and ensuring that unjust wars are avoided in the future.

“In March this past year, I filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of an Iraqi refugee to hold President Bush and his officials accountable for planning and executing the Iraq War illegally. This is my passion project.  I’m committed to bringing these injustices to light, so that as a country, we can heal, move forward and use the law as a way of holding all people, even government leaders, accountable to a just and decent standard.”

“If one lawyer can fight to hold our leaders accountable in war, then imagine the kind of change we could see in the world if everyone brought their time, talent and tenacity to the table.” For Inder, failure isn’t an option. “As a lawyer, I don’t see failure, only the opportunity to advocate and keeping pushing forward. We can’t give up. That’s not who we are as a country or as people.”

Mr. Comar credits  Impact Hub Bay Area for supporting him the pursue the Iraq case, saying that “the Impact Hub community has been a huge well of support for my Iraq War case – helping to raise upwards of $6,000 to fund the fight.”

How the Impact Hub Supports His Impact

He keeps himself quite busy offering Impact Hub Workbenches on different legal topics to help Hubbers navigate the system and is “very happy to be part of this engine of innovators, impact makers and do-gooders.”

“More importantly, Hubbers are collaborative and always up for exchanging ideas and intel that help me everyday to make an impact,” he added.

Comar Law shares an office with the management consultants at Schaffer & Combs, who Inder credits as “amazing strategic partners in pushing forward the mission of social impact”.

Inder says it best, “While it’s a challenge, as a start up in a bootstrapped environment, giving impact makers access to legal advice and helping to build and defend companies of the future is exactly where I want to be.”

To learn more about Inder Comar’s work and Comar Law, go to: http://www.comarlaw.com