8 March 2022

Growing deal flow into Africa’s startup ecosystem

This decade has seen the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs creating opportunities and tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time. As entrepreneurship increasingly becomes a cornerstone of this emerging inclusive growth journey, the need for early-stage investment capital increases, demanding support for initiatives towards the access of capital for the ecosystem to thrive.

Deep Dive Africa (DDA) is aimed at generating investment solutions to four major growing entrepreneurial ecosystems in Africa. The program works with entrepreneurs in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Kenya to offer curated connections with local and international investors.

The second edition of Deep Dive Africa brings together entrepreneurs, Investors, and ecosystem partners to ensure more connections are made towards access to finance for African ventures.

The initiative provides a 1-month access to coaching and training that offers investment-ready support to prepare startups to network and pitch to investors through a Virtual Investment Event.

DDA’S 2022 “Investing in Africa” report


Investing in Africa — Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda is now out to provide a deeper dive on the four key markets to interested investors considering an African entry-based strategy.

Conceived in the framework of Deep Dive Africa and written by a team of local researchers led by Will Senyo, Co-Founder & CEO of Impact Hub Accra, the report paints a clear picture of the key issues in each regional ecosystem and highlights important trends that are developing in these markets. As each one of these entrepreneurial hubs presents its own unique opportunities for investors, the insights gathered in the document provide the necessary context for all interested stakeholders as they embark on a journey of discovering growth opportunities in Africa.

“Investing in Africa — Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda” gathers insights on four key points: the state of the selected startup ecosystems, the different local investor landscapes and trends, a general local economic overview, and a stakeholder mapping. 

Aiming at setting key benchmarks for each of the local markets, the report was guided by questions like:

  • What is the risk profile of each country and how are those risks perceived by investors? 
  • Which sectors or industries have the most investor interest and what are their drivers? 
  • What are the barriers, opportunities, and support needs of early-stage investors in closing investment deals?

Some of the report’s key findings are related to recent significant shifts in Kenyan, Ghanaian, Nigerian, and Rwandan policy environments. Across all these entrepreneurial ecosystems, there seems to be a fundamental change in government interest in turning the general investment landscapes more competitive, allowing for more capital flows targeting innovative local startups. 

Better regulatory environments, improvements in the taxing system and investments in business support programs, for instance, were some of the highlighted policy measures taken among the selected countries that are directly influencing Africa’s entrepreneurial potential.

For more valuable insights on the intersection of entrepreneurship and investments in the African continent, with a special focus in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Rwanda, read the full publication here.

Virtual Investment Event

The Virtual Investment three-day event is the culmination of the second edition of the Deep Dive Africa program. It will bring together African entrepreneurs selected to be part of the Deep Dive Africa II program that are ready for investments to scale their ventures, as well as local and international investors from across the globe. The invitation is open to all stakeholders interested in learning more about potential investment opportunities in the African entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Growing deal flow into Africa’s startup ecosystem: Access to investment ready startups in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Rwanda – A Deep Dive Africa’s Virtual Event


March 9th to March 11th, 2022

12:00pm – 3:30pm CET/ 11:00am – 2:30pm GMT/ 2:00pm – 5:30pm EAT Daily


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