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As history demonstrates, humans succeed in large-scale collaboration when it is truly needed. Now is one of those moments. Our world is being called to tackle urgent social and environmental issues while facing significant disruption to governance and economies, leading to a key opportunity for transformative system change. Impact Hub believes the only way forward is by joining forces to build a future where business and profit work in support of people and planet. That’s why we created the world’s largest acceleration and collaboration platform for positive change —  the Impact Hub network.

With 100+ impact communities in cities all around the world, we are ready to seize the moment.

Our network has the local startup communities needed to fuel and mobilize amplified innovation, and now you can access our Global Impact Report which showcases and explores the paths that we can all follow to scale meaningful impact collaborations and create a better future.

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Do you want to become an Impact Hub partner?

There are plenty of opportunities to drive solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. We are matching these opportunities with programs to co-create the future of business. Learn more and join us to scale impact!

If you want to share the Impact Report with your community, access our communications package. 

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