Better Future = Better Business

To build a better future, one that’s good for people and the planet, we need better business. Businesses that challenge the status quo, accelerate innovation and create more inclusive job opportunities. We need ventures that keep sustainability and circularity at the core of what they do.

Change is happening

Better businesses are already shaping a better future. From Compost Balladi in Lebanon building waste management solutions to reduce organic waste that’s currently landfilled and dumped by 20% in 2030 to PeelPioneers turning citrus peel waste into resources – processing 120,000 kilos of peels daily and creating raw materials such as essential oils, pectin, and fibre-rich grain.

At Impact Hub we enable our community to
reimagine business; to build different – better
– systems and economic models.

Entrepreneurial action

Did you know that small business represent 50% of global jobs? Entrepreneurs are not only reinventing the future through innovative solutions – but they’re also positively impacting the present by playing a role in creating decent work opportunities and economic growth to communities across the globe. Impact Hub is a launchpad for venture creation.

Impact Publication

Collective impact

At a global level, we have taken a specific focus on tackling climate change and inequality through business.

Impact Hubs across the globe have been taking action to address environmental issues for years. Action through programs that facilitate startup-corporate collaboration such as the recent global IKEA Food Innovation Program, or the Circular Economy transition program run by the Swiss Impact Hubs. Action through events, such as local Climathons and the “Are we facing the sixth mass extinction?” event by Impact Hub Taipei. And, action through partnerships with organizations such as WWF and Climate KIC.

We have increased our work in support of entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. Through programs such as GoDaddy’s New Roots in the UK and Germany enable mompreneurs and migrant entrepreneurs to get started and develop professionally. Another example is Adidas’ Close The Gap in the US and Germany, this program supported impact-oriented entrepreneurs who are from and/or work with underrepresented communities and are addressing challenges in education and sport.

Through European-wide initiatives such as LIAISE, we are focused on creating better – and more inclusive – incubation initiatives for senior, youth, disabled, migrant and women entrepreneurs. We are also publishing more research on inclusive entrepreneurship, an example is our Gender Lens report that raises awareness for gender equality in the startup ecosystem. We’re contributors to reports of partners, such as Generali’s, The Human Safety Net on refugee entrepreneurship.

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