Impact Hub Recife leaves global network
01/11/2019 - Impact Hub


After six years of collaboration, the global Impact Hub Network and Impact Hub Recife are now parting ways. The entrepreneurial community and coworking space of Impact  Hub Recife, embarks this month on a new vision. Moving forward, the local team is setting up a new infrastructure that takes on an independent direction. This decision was made as the Recife team’s expansion goals focus on real estate and innovative ways of work rather than on the social, economic and environmental impact.

Since launching in 2005, the Impact Hub network has undergone significant growth, now reaching over 16,500 members in 100+ locations across the globe. With this growth has also come a stronger focus on programming and trans-local collaboration: tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through incubation, acceleration and scaling efforts for social entrepreneurs and innovators from all sectors across Latin America and beyond.

As Alfredo Junior, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Recife, expressed upon leaving, “After 6 years as part of the network, we believe we all have given our fair share of contributions to help change the world and build bridges among different walks of life and different ways to look at business. It is now time for us to cross one of those bridges we helped build.”

The founders of Impact Hub Recife, have decided to venture into a new line of business, completely focused on sewing together entire territories based on the concepts of collaboration and efficient allocation of square footage. From now on, the exclusive focus of the impact they want to generate is oriented towards providing a new way for people to relate with the spaces we all interact with during our life.

This shift in strategy separates from the core mission of the Impact Hub network and points us in two different trajectories, so we believe it has come the time for us to part ways.

With 18 Impact Hubs, Latin America remains a key region for the Impact Hub network, and many committed Impact Hub teams throughout the region are continuing to establish multi-city programs around capacity building, convening of stakeholders, entrepreneurial acceleration and scaling for impact ventures.  

In addition, all the other six Impact Hubs in Brazil are concluding a successful implementation of the Accelerate2030 program in partnership with UNDP and already working on its next edition.

On behalf of the Impact Hub network, we thank Impact Hub Recife and everyone who contributed to building their community. We wish the team all the very best for their future endeavors, and look forward to seeing their forthcoming progress.

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