11 June 2019
Impact Hub Honolulu Is Growing In Hawaii

#ImpactOnTour’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Honolulu!

Hawaii is best known as a tropical paradise, but as the state is making big moves towards becoming an innovation ecosystem, we’re adapting our tropical paradise into a #startupparadise.

The founding team at Impact Hub Honolulu is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurship community of the island, and deeply committed to helping Hawaii’s founders, managers, and entrepreneurs thrive. Our overarching goal is to help people do well, and do good.


Cofounders Anne Weber (far right), and George Yarbrough (middle, back) along with the Honolulu Soup Showcase, a microgranting dinner for local businesses.


History of Impact Hub Honolulu

In 2014, some friends came together with a vision for a community workspace. We secured a great location, but quickly outgrew the space. We secured our newest (and current) location in Kaka’ako and opened our doors August 2017. As we have fully utilized/maximized our space, we are now expanding into our second location by December 2019. Our vision is an interconnected Hawaii where one membership gives our members access to 11 locations across the islands and 100 worldwide. We are the largest coworking community space in the state of Hawaii. Our 17,770 square feet (about 5400 square meters) flagship location is in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii.


One of the many events held in the Lounge at the Impact Hub Honolulu, located in Kakaako.

Many of our events and programming are focused on our impact areas: sustainability, education, and innovation. We have hosted 250+ events with a diverse range of focus:

Since we opened we have reached more than 15,000 attendees across these various events and  shared $175,000 in scholarships for memberships and events to help expand social impact.

Member organization Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii Director Rafael Bergstrom at our Sustainable Development Goals event.


The Future of Impact Hub Honolulu

We envision a more interconnected Hawaii. With a huge network of members and our dedicated Impact Partners we see a really bright future for Impact Hubs across Hawaii.  

After contributing to our campaign, investor Kyle O. said, “I grew up in Honolulu and would have loved to have spaces like this available as options as I was starting my career. While I do not regret the path I took, I am delighted to support this business, which will help to retain great talent and business ideas in Hawaii.”

One of the most important ways Impact Hub Honolulu is supporting the business community here in the islands is to expand beyond our flagship location, offering more opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive.

We’re currently running a WeFunder campaign to raise funds that will allow us to expand to four more locations on Oahu, and eventually to the neighbor islands of Maui, Big Island, and Kauai. We’ll offer one membership across the islands, to make it easy for people to do what they do best – wherever their business takes them.


Tune in to Impact Hub Honolulu’s #ImpactOnTour takeover of the Impact Hub Global Facebook and Instagram channels from the 11th – 15th of June for a sneak peak into their unique location, community events, and impactful programs.

You can find out more about Impact Hub Honolulu at honolulu.www.impacthub.net, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@impacthubhnl).

Andrea Devon Bertoli is the Marketing Coordinator for Impact Hub Honolulu. Andrea is a marketing and media professional focused on mission-driven businesses. She has worked at startups, in small businesses, and as a freelancer, and brings years of marketing, event management, and community outreach skills to our team. She’s also a plant-based chef, author, and educator, and teaches monthly cooking classes, manages a wellness website, and is always in the kitchen making delicious foods.