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Impact Hub San Francisco Closure
Impact Hub San Francisco has been a driving force in growing both the Impact Hub Network and social innovation movement in North America and
23/01/2020 - Impact Hub
2019’s Top 10 Business Leaders in Sustainability
Change starts with a decision, whether it be by a person, group or organization. Leaders all around the world are the key to creating shifts towards
16/01/2020 - Impact Hub
Australia is burning: A simple guide of what is happening and how you can help
Note that this blog addresses some of the reasons why the bushfires are happening, why they are so severe and how it is linked to Climate Change.
13/01/2020 - Impact Hub
7 Ways To Live A More Sustainable Life
The earth is heating up, and fast! Sadly the natural resources available to us are struggling to keep up with how much humans are using and
08/01/2020 - Impact Hub
Are you Ready 2 Pitch? (R2P)
Written by Impact Hub San Salvador | As part of their #ImpactonTour Social Media Takeover Where Start-Ups meet investors, business partners, and
01/12/2019 - Impact Hub
Build thriving online communities with this new resource
Climate change, social injustice, access to education: now more than ever, the complex challenges and pressing issues our societies are facing
26/11/2019 - Impact Hub
Impacting world hunger via SMS
As part of Impact Hub and WWF’s ‘Join Forces for the Climate’ campaign, we had a chance to speak to Roger Akayesi, Communications &
06/11/2019 - Impact Hub
Building bridges towards social cohesion
How can we strengthen social cohesion in fragmented environments? Public policies that have an impact on the welfare and quality of life of
02/11/2019 - Impact Hub