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From Old Structures To New Beginnings
The closing of one door is usually a symbol of a new door opening. The changes that are spreading across the world today, most of them linked to
20/05/2020 - Impact Hub
Impact Hub Joins Alliance to Help Social Entrepreneurs Overcome Impacts of COVID-19
Impact Hub is one of 40 leading organizations to form ‘COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs’. Alliance has already made USD$75
05/05/2020 - Impact Hub
WWF Switzerland CEO Thomas Vellacott shares his views of a world touched by a pandemic
Now, more than ever before, the world is connected by something smaller than the human eye can see. Yet its impact is beyond measure. A pathogen.
21/04/2020 - Impact Hub
What the Pact for Impact Summit can Teach us about Measuring Success
In 2019, we saw a proliferation of protest movements around the world. From France to Hong Kong, going across Algeria, Peru, Lebanon, and many more
16/04/2020 - Impact Hub
CEMEX-TEC Award is Accepting Applications for the 2020 Contest
CEMEX-TEC Award is the most important award in Monterrey, Mexico, for social innovation and social entrepreneurs. This is due to two elements: the
08/04/2020 - Impact Hub
She Breaks Barriers: Enabling an Equal World for Girls in Sport
We could not agree more with the International Women’s Day 2020 campaign theme for this year’s celebrations of female achievement: “An equal
30/03/2020 - Impact Hub
Impact Hub Oakland leaves Impact Hub network
Impact Hub Oakland has always been a lighthouse for driving the inclusion and equality agenda of the Impact Hub Network in North America. After six
26/03/2020 - Impact Hub
Our Vision and Call for Collaboration in the Face of COVID-19
At a truly unsettling time, the Impact Hub network believes that our responsibility for one another should override our fear!  COVID-19
19/03/2020 - Impact Hub