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Climate Change Is Real and We Can’t Ignore It Anymore
Discussions, debates, and calls to improve the state of climate change have been around for some time, but the topic is gaining traction now more
11/10/2019 - Impact Hub
The house is on fire: the multi-faceted problem of climate change
An area the size of Belgium is burning in the Arctic Not a day goes by without the news reminding us that we’re facing an environmental
02/10/2019 - Impact Hub
Climate Crisis And Our Commitment To Do More
The world is demanding climate action and so are we Sustainability and impact are interwoven into the Impact Hub network’s DNA. From the designs
27/09/2019 - Impact Hub
Accelerate2030 brings innovative solutions to scale
[GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, 17 September 2019] Together, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Impact Hub are pleased to announce the
26/09/2019 - Impact Hub
Entrepreneurial Networks are Driving Global Change, According to Impact Hub Network’s 2019 Global Impact Report
Ahead of this year’s Global Climate Strike (20-27 September) and the Global Goals Week (21-30 September), the Impact Hub network is launching its
20/09/2019 - Impact Hub
Humans of Impact Hub: Rune Gaasø from Clean Shores Bergen
Members of Impact Hub Bergen hit the shores of Bergen to counter pollution and to educate themselves and others about the environmental
15/08/2019 - Impact Hub
Plastic: Solutions in a Complex Industry
WWF and Impact Hub join forces for the oceans. This blog post is part of a wider campaign aiming to share knowledge about environmental challenges
12/07/2019 - Impact Hub
Press Release: Impact Hub Joins Pact for Impact Summit 2019
Pact for Impact Conference 2019 marks the beginning of the Global Alliance for a social and inclusive economy. This event aims to build a
10/07/2019 - Impact Hub