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3 Impactful Stories From Impact Hub Madrid
#ImpactOnTour’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Madrid: at the forefront of innovation. What do we mean when we talk about ‘impact’?
18/06/2019 - Impact Hub
Impact Hub Honolulu Is Growing In Hawaii
#ImpactOnTour’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Honolulu! Hawaii is best known as a tropical paradise, but as the state is making big moves
11/06/2019 - Impact Hub
Plastic: The Problem And Its Impact
WWF and Impact Hub join forces for the oceans. This blog post is part of a wider campaign aiming to share knowledge about environmental challenges
06/06/2019 - Impact Hub
Press Release: Adidas And Impact Hub To Boost Ventures Inspiring Girls In Sport
  “She Breaks Barriers” program for ventures removing the barriers faced by girls and young women  in sport Teams have the
03/06/2019 - Impact Hub
Press Release: Impact Hub Partners With Robert Bosch Stiftung to Launch BEYOND Divides’ Program
Impact Hubs in Bucharest, Istanbul, Madrid and Ruhr are spearheading a new regional convening program to enable changemakers across Europe to form a
17/05/2019 - Flavia Ladino
The NESI Forum Comes To Málaga In April 2019
Many people continue to bet on the current economic model, but there are alternatives. Discover them with Impact Hub’s Tatiana Glad at the NESI Forum…
25/04/2019 - Impact Hub
9 Ventures Forming the Future of Fashion
From worker exploitation to climate pollution and mass-waste, the fashion industry is rife with problems. Luckily for us, these 9 ventures are changing it for the better…
24/04/2019 - Impact Hub
Impact Hub Bergen: Where History Meets Innovation
#ImpactOnTour’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Bergen: at the gateway to the Norwegian fjords…
16/04/2019 - Impact Hub