28 August 2023

Cultivating Change: How is climate change affecting our food?

We can’t ignore the impact of climate change on agriculture. Rising temps, water shortages, and the onslaught of pests are just some of the hurdles our farmers and ecosystems battle daily. Discover the link between climate change and what’s on our plates. Disrupted crop cycles and increased pesticide use – our food is tied to the planet’s health! We must rethink how we produce, distribute, and consume food in these challenges!

Rising temperatures disrupt crop cycles, causing uncertain yields and more extreme weather events.

In 2022, Hurricane Fiona destroyed more than 80,000 tonnes of bananas in the Dominican Republic, around 7% of what they were expecting to produce that year.

Changes in climate affect pollinator behaviour.

In the UK, bees are now emerging an average of 6.5 days earlier from their nests due to warmer winters. This shift is causing them to become out of sync with the crops they are meant to pollinate, such as apples and pears.

Worsening heat breeds pests, driving more pesticide use.

Increasing heat in Zimbabwe have intensified pest issues for smallholder farmers, prompting higher pesticide use and causing alarming poisoning levels among farmers and their communities.

Amidst the challenges, inspiring changes are taking root. Farmers, scientists, and communities are collaborating to create more resilient food and agriculture systems. But there is still a lot left to do! 

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