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The Onboarding Accelerator empowers your organization to advance your capabilities, improve your offering to entrepreneurs, and strengthen your business model. 

Throughout a customized 6-month journey of coaching, masterclasses, a boot camp, virtual conferences and a peer visit, you will move your business and community to the next level of development. You will also gain more understanding about the impact our 100+ Impact Hubs and 16.500+ members aim to achieve. If the program is completed successfully, your organization becomes a full member of the network and your local brand is replaced by the Impact Hub brand. 

The reasons for joining this program and for shifting to the network are manyfold: to improve the quality of your existing business, to improve your programs, to pivot your current operations, or to disrupt the ideas your organization was built upon.

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The Process

During the program, you will benefit from several elements of support that will empower you to accelerate your business and join the Impact Hub network.

Timeline for joining the network
Timeline for joining the network


Prepare Your Journey

Work with your coach on a preliminary diagnostic to conduct a reality check of your business, create an individual development plan, and map your journey through the program.


Attend Virtual Summit

Attend the Virtual Summit week consisting of online webinars, peer to peer exchanges, and coaching sessions.


Attend Bootcamp

Attend a 5-day Bootcamp providing diverse and intensive learning modules. You will also have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the network.


Receive Coaching

Receive a coaching visit to conduct a comprehensive peer-to-peer review of your organization and finalize your application into the network.


Submit Your Application

Submit your license application to the Impact Hub network and participate in an interview call (90 minutes) with the Membership Committee to assess if you will become an Impact Hub Association Member.

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We close the 6-months journey by kick-starting the next phase of your organization as an Impact Hub with connections around the world and fresh ideas.

Program Benefits


Peer-to-Peer Activities

You will have the opportunity to build relationships with our Impact Hubs, who will be your future business partners across the globe.

The program also provides you with opportunities to learn from the failures and successes of other program participants and Impact Hubs.


Global Best Practice & knowledge sharing

With more than 15 years of experience creating Impact Hubs, you can tap into our knowledge of community building and programming.

Thanks to our diverse experience, you can dive into innovative Business Model types, Membership Innovation, programmatic opportunities and much more.


Coaching & Expert Support

You and your team will receive regular check-ins with one of our experienced Impact Hub coaches. 

Your coach will help track your progress and ensure a smooth onboarding process while supporting you in the development of your business strategy for your Impact Hub!


Virtual Guidance

We will provide you with ongoing (virtual) support, guidance and access to Impact Hub’s Knowledge Management System.

You will have access to the Impact Hub Community App where you can connect, engage and collaborate with our network.

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Success Stories

Check out what Impact Hub co-founders from around the world have to say:

“We are setting ourselves to be at the center of the emerging social revolution and aim to transform our city’s economy and improve livelihoods through our programs, events and space leveraging the Impact Hub regional and global network and its communities.”

Rehema Mtandika, Impact Hub Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

“I have always believed that Filipino entrepreneurs are world-class. Being part of Impact Hub’s global network is the best platform to showcase that.”

Ces Rondario, Impact Hub Manila, Philippines

Ces Rondario, Impact Hub Manila
Petr Vitek, Impact Hub Prague, Brno & Ostrava

“Impact Hub is the project of my lifetime, professionally and personally. Join the network and you will dance, laugh and cry. It will change your life.”

Petr Vitek, Impact Hub Prague, Brno & Ostrava, Czechia.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not a franchise but have developed a co-owned network structure. The Impact Hub Intellectual Property (IP) and Brand are owned by the “Impact Hub Association”, a collective of all Impact Hubs. The Association is the sole owner of Impact Hub Company, a charitable company with the mandate to manage global operations and facilitate the development of the network as a whole. Having said that, when joining our network, you will become a co-owner of the network and are entitled to be part of the decision-making as well as all strategic conversations. You will shape the future of the network together with the rest of the local Impact Hubs.

The Impact Hub brand is our common identity and its reputation is one of our most valuable assets. It is a key part of our unique collective value proposition and aims to clearly communicate/position our shared, locally rooted, globally connected identity. Impact Hub is a standalone brand, to safeguard that the network is perceived to operate entirely independently, free of pressure and opinion, ensuring that Impact Hub remains a free and safe space for all to collaborate. Thus, Impact Hub does not allow for other brands to be mentioned on par regarding its core identity and space to not give the impression that various entities are hosting or even owning the Impact Hub jointly. Once you join the Impact Hub network as a full association member, you are a full member of the network and the Impact Hub brand will replace the current local brand.

The costs for each team participating in the program are based on the Joining Payment Framework. The Joining Payment is the fee each new Impact Hub pays to join our network and contribute to cover for costs of the onboarding and for key services and assets of the network. The Joining Payment operates on a payment structure reflecting the local economy and local purchasing power parity (PPP) and varies from EUR 9,000 to EUR 26,000.

Furthermore, travel costs, accommodation and any personal expenses for the in-person boot camp need to be covered by each team. 

Once accepted, every Impact Hub pays a monthly fee, which is 2.5% of the revenues generated through the Impact Hub brand. The fee covers basic support mechanisms provided by the Association as well as the relevant governing bodies. Additional services, such as technology and events, are charged separately.

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Interested in joining the program? In order to qualify for this program, your organization should present a strong theory of change (impact logic), a broad existing community and a solid business model. To be eligible you need to aim to become a fully-fledged Impact Hub, transitioning your current brand to the Impact Hub brand by the end of the program. 

You should meet all of the criteria listed below in order to have access to the Onboarding Accelerator:

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You convene a meaningful community both in terms of focus and volume.

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You have at least 2 years of operations under your belt, with demonstrable ambition for growth and financial sustainability.

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You have a proven business model based on a mix of programs, events and space and/or the intention to expand to the Impact Hub business model archetypes.

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You have a dedicated team, with at least one co-founder or legal representative involved in day-to-day operations.

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You have a track record of impact through your past work, programs or events.

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