Design Store on Tour: The Impact Hub Passport World Trip
23 August 2016 - techteam

It’s quite simple, I started Design Store because I stopped loving my job.I am passionate about good design and everything that goes with it. I felt too confined and wanted the freedom to be involved with new, challenging and exciting work.

After an eight-month sabbatical in India and South East Asia, I arrived back in London full of excitement and enthusiasm to set up a new business adventure. In October 2015, Design Store was born and six months down the line, I’d built up a comprehensive collection of clients, friends and connections all through the business.

I was really proud and happy of how quickly it all seemed to take root and being my own boss was fantastic. My only apprehension was I’d also built up a (possibly irrational) fear; what if this business engulfs my life and I don’t get to do any more travelling again.

Then again I thought, do I need to be in London to carry on this business? After all, most of the work I do is at a desk with my laptop. I wondered was it possible to travel to South America and do both.

The challenge was could I survive financially and keep moving from country to country whilst retaining my existing clients as well as bringing in new ones. There was only one way to find out, so I booked a ticket to Buenos Aires. (I also managed to convince my girlfriend this was a good idea so she’s here, too!)

UK Design Store on Tour - Impact Hub Passport Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials (Photo Credit: Rob Lis)

Whilst working out of Impact Hub Brixton (London, UK), I was of course aware of the many other hubs around the world, perhaps I could visit some along the way. I was introduced to the Impact Hub Passport which allows members to visit other hubs simply by checking-in on the Passport website. At this point, I wondered just how many I could fit into my journey!

The route of travel consisted of countries and cities we both really wanted to visit, after a rough plan I discovered that we could fit in at least 10 hubs along the way, a lot more than I thought was possible. With such a large amount of hubs to visit, I thought it would be great to document the journey, share the positives and negatives that come with trying to maintain a business whilst travelling. This is where the idea for Design Store on Tour was born.

With the help of Impact Hub Global, we will share our travel experience for the next 8 months. We will reveal what it’s like to work in a different city and spend the day working in the local hub, explore the city and share the best things we have found to entertain ourselves whilst there. Perhaps it could encourage you to pick up your laptop and work from a different country for a while!

We’ll visit Impact Hubs in South America, USA and Asia so maybe we’ll be coming to a Hub near you. Our first location will be Impact Hub Sao Paulo. We are really looking forward to meeting some members and sharing their stories as well as our own!

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Look out world, we are coming for you!!