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As a global network of entrepreneurial communities for impact in more than 50 countries across the globe, we are proud to call ourselves home to the innovators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

Impact Hub uses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a lens through which to view the impact we create. Please find here our Community Impact Report 2017, that shows our approach to and impact through supporting entrepreneurs on their journeys. It also gives relevant insights to the most prevalent SDGs per region that our 16,000+ member-strong community is addressing and how tailored programs have a vital influence to the entrepreneurs’ success.

Do you want to learn more? Do you want to join our network? Then check our Community Impact Report and get more details.

Are you interested in the SDGs? Is your work related to the Global Goals?

Then be sure to check out the full data and analysis piece of the Report, which reveals the most addressed SDGs across the Impact Hub Network. It might be interesting for you to think of potential partnerships with our network and to share it with your community, business partners etc. Here is a communications package we put together to help you do that. On the package, you will also find information about our participation in Global Goals Week.

You can also access our Impact Blog to review stories related to the SDGs or follow our social media channels where we constantly share SDGs related news and updates:

Impact in Action

From 22-29 September, the United Nations (UN) is welcoming key players and thought leaders from different sectors and countries to the Global Goals Week 2018, a collective effort to maximize the value of events and activations focused on driving progress toward the SDGs.

Representatives from the Impact Hub Network will come together in New York, USA, to take part in Global Goals Week. They will participate by hosting events in the city, across the globe, and by publishing inspiring content online connected to the Global Goals.

Are you from the media?

Read our press release and contact us if you are interested in more in-depth information about our participation in Global Goals Week or the impact our network is creating.

You can also access our FAQ where you will find more details about our network.

The United Nations Office in Geneva acknowledges Impact Hub as a driver of community engagement, helping not only to foster but also to extend the efforts directed to tackle the SDGs via entrepreneurial and innovative solutions.