Communities for Change is an innovative program developed in partnership with MIT’s Presencing Institute and the BMW Foundation to drive systems change locally and globally.

Participating Impact Hubs convene a group of diverse stakeholders from their cities to undertake an 8-week innovation journey around a locally pertinent question within the “Inclusive Cities” umbrella theme (e.g. housing, food system, energy). Using Presencing Institute methodology, groups dig into these key questions with a systems-level perspective, emerging with actionable prototypes that receive continued support to develop in Impact Hubs after the innovation journey concludes. Throughout, course facilitators and participants are connected across the globe, enabling new and valuable connections and insights by virtue of the networked initiative.

Thanks to catalyzing support from the BMW Foundation, Communities for Change pilots in six Impact Hubs in 2018. Please see local information below.

“In working with leadership teams across many sectors and industries, I realized that leaders cannot meet the challenges of disruption by operating only on the basis of past experience […] the most impressive leaders and innovators seem to operate from a different core process, one that pulls them into future possibilities.”

Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Business

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