1 September 2022

Circularity Tales: piloting implementation in Zimbabwe

Circularity has the power to create a more sustainable present and future. At Impact Hub, we are committed to mainstream circular principles across our global network’s business support initiatives, especially incubation and acceleration programs. 

As part of that journey, we ran a pilot programme across different Impact Hubs around the globe dedicated to boosting impact ventures and social entrepreneurs’ capacities to implement circular principles in their own operations and mission. With a main goal to increase the local awareness and know-how for the circular economy, Impact Hub Harare was one of our locations who joined the adventure of running the pilot.

Based in Zimbabwe’s capital, the Impact Hub Harare team selected 11 ventures – mostly social enterprises between startup and growth stages – to join its six-month circularity program. While some of the participants were already “natives” in the theme as they tackle recycling, food and plastic waste, most of them were considered “adopters” (as in still did not have any circular principles embedded in their core, but were willing to do so in order to become more sustainable). This mixture of circular experiences was certainly an ingredient that enriched the sharings and developments along the program.

Beyond developing a circular mindset and circular business models, one of the biggest lessons Impact Hub Harare and the participating ventures seized from this chapter is that relationship building and a supportive ecosystem are fundamental for growth and scaling – one cannot be circular in isolation.

What followed the conclusion of the program was encouraging: the final event saw lots of different stakeholders interested in their work, including the national radio station, and many people have reached out to them to learn more about the next circularity embedding journey steps, including the country’s Ministry of Environment. 

Learn more about the Impact Hub Harare’s circularity program implementation and its participants by watching the videos below:

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