1 September 2022

Circularity Tales: bringing sustainable fashion to Spanish markets

At Impact Hub, we believe in the power of circularity to create a more sustainable present and future. That’s why we are on a mission to mainstream circular principles across our global network. 

Following up on our talks with Line Didelot from the Greece-based ANKAA Project and Wenceslaus Soka from the Tanzanian PREYO, for our next story on the Circularity Tales series, which is showcasing great examples from innovators and entrepreneurs taking action around the topic, our invitee is Aritz Gartzia Segurola, CEO of EKOMODO. The San Sebastian-based venture is on a mission to help organisations to communicate their environmental commitment through unique and sustainable fashion products; they are creating a better world with style.

Impact Hub: Hi Aritz! Thank you for joining us. First things first, what’s EKOMODO about?

Aritz Segurola: EKOMODO was founded in 2019 and, since then, we seek to empower people and companies to create a better world by designing sustainable products for daily life. We are making better things to make things better.

Our products are governed by three basic principles – the first one is local production, we manufacture with local raw materials and with local suppliers; the second is sustainable materials, we work under the principles of eco-design and the circular economy, minimising waste and using 100% recycled and recyclable materials; the third and last one is social impact, we involve people from groups at risk of exclusion in the preparation, through collaboration with local social workshops.

Impact Hub:
Circular principles seem to be an important factor for EKOMODO’s business model addressed at sustainable fashion. What does circularity mean to you?

Aritz Segurola: For us, circularity is about three main factors. The first one is sustainable materials – we work under the principles of eco-design and circular economy, minimising waste and using 100% recycled materials, that are also 100% recyclable; the second one is local production – we manufacture in proximity, with local raw materials and with suppliers of the region; and the third one is social impact – we involve people from groups at risk of exclusion in the clothing industry, through collaboration and promoting social workshops in the area.

EKOMODO's team

Impact Hub: In one phrase, why is circularity important?

Aritz Segurola: “Nowadays, only 9% of the world is circular – there is a lot to be done yet.”

Impact Hub:
Diving deeper on these topics, you and EKOMODO participated in the Impact Hub Donostia’s pilot programme dedicated to implementing circularity practices into business. So how has this journey been for you? 

Aritz Segurola: The Impact Hub Donostia’s pilot program helped us to understand in depth the different layers of implementing circularity processes into the making of our different products. It’s been especially important for our product design and conception phase. In addition, our main challenge as a new impact-based business was increasing our brand awareness and opening doors in new markets, and the program was key to improving our strategy and overcoming those obstacles. Besides that, the programme’s mentors, the community created around it and the space we had to share reflections and experiences between different companies are worth the highlight. 

Impact Hub:
Thanks for sharing that with us. Talking about sharing, what is the one circular practice that you would recommend for ventures that are starting this journey – not only on the sustainable fashion field – to implement right away?

Aritz Segurola: No doubt that I would recommend for them to go for the ecodesigning process. This is very relevant for any company – in all sectors -, as this is the moment that determines their biggest environmental impact; in fact, 80% of the environmental impact of a product is defined at this stage.

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